Seahawks Strategically Draft Huskies in Dane Brugler’s Mock

Dane Brugler’s latest seven-round mock draft offers a glimpse into the potential picks for the Seattle Seahawks in the upcoming NFL Draft, with a focus on bolstering their roster with talent, including former Washington Huskies players.

In the first round, the Seahawks make a significant move by selecting Washington offensive lineman Troy Fautanu. Brugler highlights Fautanu’s versatility and explosive athleticism, projecting him as a valuable asset for both pass protection and run blocking.

The Seahawks continue their trend of selecting former Huskies with subsequent picks, adding depth and talent to various positions. From edge rusher Jonah Elliss to linebacker Cedric Gray, each selection is carefully analyzed for its potential impact on the team’s performance.


Safety Dominique Hampton, another Huskies alum, brings size and athleticism to the Seahawks’ secondary, offering versatility and playmaking ability across different defensive schemes.

As the draft progresses, the Seahawks diversify their picks, selecting players like Keith Randolph and Jordan Travis, each offering unique skill sets and potential contributions to the team.

While Brugler’s mock draft provides insight into possible selections, it’s essential to approach these predictions with caution, as the actual draft outcomes often deviate from mock drafts. Nonetheless, analyzing and discussing these mock drafts adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the NFL Draft.

Overall, Brugler’s mock draft offers a glimpse into the Seahawks’ potential draft strategy, emphasizing the importance of talent acquisition and strategic player selections to enhance the team’s competitiveness in the upcoming season.

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