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The PGA Tour, a premier professional golf circuit in the United States, captivates audiences worldwide with thrilling competition and iconic players. Following the ever-evolving schedule can be challenging, but this comprehensive guide serves as your roadmap to navigate the exciting world of PGA Tour events.

Understanding the PGA Tour Season

The PGA Tour operates on a wraparound schedule, typically spanning from September of the prior year to August of the current year. This extended season offers a continuous stream of tournaments, keeping golf fans engaged throughout the year.

The PGA Tour schedule can be broadly categorized into the following segments:

  • Fall Series (September – November): This period traditionally kicks off the official PGA Tour season, often featuring a mix of established tournaments and new venues. These events offer opportunities for players to gain momentum and establish themselves for the year ahead.
  • Florida Swing (January – March): This stretch is known for its concentration of tournaments held in the sunshine state of Florida. With perfect golfing weather, these events often attract large crowds and showcase some of the sport’s biggest names.
  • West Coast Swing (February – March): Coinciding with the Florida Swing, the West Coast Swing offers a geographic and climatic contrast. Tournaments held in California, Arizona, and other western states test players’ adaptability and provide a change of scenery.
  • Major Championships (April – July): Sprinkled throughout the season are the four prestigious Major Championships: The Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, US Open, and The Open Championship. These pinnacle events boast the strongest fields, the most intense competition, and the most coveted titles in golf.
  • Playoffs (August): The FedEx Cup Playoffs culminate the PGA Tour season, featuring a series of three tournaments with progressively smaller fields. Points earned throughout the year determine eligibility, making it a thrilling battle for the coveted FedEx Cup trophy and the hefty financial rewards that come with it.

When is US PGA 2024?

There isn’t a single “US PGA” tournament for the entire year 2024. The PGA Tour operates on a seasonal schedule, and the prestigious PGA Championship is just one major championship within that season. The 2024 PGA Championship took place from May 16th to 19th at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. However, the PGA Tour season continues throughout the year, with upcoming events like the US Open (June 13th–16th) and the FedEx Cup Playoffs culminating the season in August.

Key Resources for Following the US PGA Tour Schedule

Staying informed about the US PGA Tour schedule is easy with the following resources:

  • Official PGA Tour Website: The PGA Tour’s official website ( provides a comprehensive and up-to-date schedule listing upcoming tournaments, their locations, courses, purses, and even television broadcast information.
  • Golf Apps and Websites: Numerous dedicated golf apps and websites offer PGA Tour schedules, often featuring additional information like player profiles, past tournament results, and leaderboards.
  • Sports News Platforms: Major sports news outlets and publications regularly cover the PGA Tour, including the schedule and upcoming events.

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Exploring Specific PGA Tour Events

Let’s delve deeper into some notable events on the US PGA Tour schedule:

  • The Masters Tournament: Held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, The Masters is considered one of the most prestigious tournaments in all of sports. Its rich history, demanding course, and invitation-only field create a unique and captivating atmosphere.
  • PGA Championship: This major championship rotates among various prestigious courses throughout the United States. It often features a more wide-open field compared to The Masters, offering a broader range of players a chance to contend for the title.
  • US Open: Known for its notoriously difficult courses and demanding setups, the US Open tests players’ physical and mental fortitude. Winning the US Open signifies a golfer’s ability to perform under immense pressure and conquer a brutal test of golf.
  • The Open Championship: Held on the famed links courses of Great Britain, The Open Championship offers a unique challenge with its windy conditions and firm, fast-playing fairways. Winning this historic event adds a special distinction to any golfer’s resume.
  • The Players Championship: Nicknamed the “Fifth Major,” The Players Championship boasts a hefty purse and a strong field, making it one of the most significant non-major events on the PGA Tour. Winning this prestigious title is a major accomplishment for any professional golfer.

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Beyond the Majors: Exploring Other PGA Tour Events

The PGA Tour schedule extends far beyond the Majors, offering a diverse range of tournaments with unique characteristics:

  • World Golf Championships: This elite series of four tournaments features the strongest fields outside of the Majors, attracting the top-ranked golfers in the world. These events offer a significant boost in FedEx Cup points and substantial prize money.
  • Invitational Tournaments: Several PGA Tour events operate as invitationals, granting entry only to select players based on criteria like past performance or charity involvement. These tournaments often attract strong fields and feature unique atmospheres.
  • International Tournaments: The PGA Tour schedule occasionally ventures outside the United States, with tournaments held in Canada, Mexico, and other countries. These events showcase the global appeal of golf and provide players with an opportunity to compete in different environments. They also contribute to the sport’s international growth and fan base.
  • Smaller Tournaments: The PGA Tour schedule also includes smaller tournaments with lower prize money. These events offer valuable playing opportunities for young professionals and veterans striving to maintain their status on tour. They can also be stepping stones to bigger events and act as a testing ground for players to hone their skills.

Planning Your PGA Tour Experience

The allure of the PGA Tour extends beyond watching on television. Here’s how to get involved and experience the excitement firsthand:

  • Attending Tournaments: Many PGA Tour events are open to the public with the purchase of tickets. Attending a tournament allows fans to witness the elite players up close, experience the electric atmosphere, and soak in the sights and sounds of professional golf.
  • Fantasy Golf: Fantasy golf platforms allow fans to create virtual lineups of golfers based on predicted performance. This adds an interactive element to following the PGA Tour schedule, allowing fans to test their knowledge and compete against friends.
  • Golf Tourism: Several iconic PGA Tour courses offer public access for recreational play. These courses, meticulously maintained and steeped in golfing history, provide a unique opportunity for amateur golfers to experience the same challenges faced by professionals.

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Conclusion: The Ever-Evolving PGA Tour Schedule

The US PGA Tour schedule is a dynamic entity, constantly evolving to adapt to player needs, fan interest, and the ever-changing landscape of professional golf. By understanding the structure of the season, utilizing the available resources, and exploring the diverse range of tournaments, fans can become well-informed enthusiasts and fully appreciate the drama, competition, and prestige that unfold throughout the year.

So, whether you’re a seasoned golf aficionado or a curious newcomer, the US PGA Tour schedule offers a captivating journey through the world of professional golf. With its rich traditions, thrilling competition, and iconic venues, the PGA Tour promises a season of entertainment, inspiration, and unforgettable moments.


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