11 Most Iconic Moments in Six Nations History

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The Six Nations Championship, a celebrated annual rugby extravaganza featuring England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales, has left an indelible mark on the global rugby landscape. Throughout its storied history, this tournament has witnessed moments of unparalleled drama, brilliance, and resilience that have become timeless classics. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the very essence of the 11 Most Iconic Moments in Six Nations History that have shaped its rich narrative.

1. The 2019 Six Nations Finale: Scotland’s Epic Comeback (Scotland vs. England):

The 2019 Six Nations concluded with an unforgettable spectacle at Twickenham, a match that will be forever etched in the annals of rugby history. In a breathtaking display of determination and skill, Scotland, against all odds, faced a staggering 31-point deficit and orchestrated a miraculous comeback that not only defied expectations but also left spectators on the edge of their seats.


This epic encounter transcended the boundaries of a typical rugby match, offering a compelling narrative of resilience and grit. It was a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sport and, above all, highlighted Scotland’s tenacity in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity, creating a defining moment that resonates with rugby enthusiasts around the globe. This deserves to be in 11 Most Iconic Moments in Six Nations History!

2. Jason Robinson’s Brilliance (France 20 – 15 England):

One of the 11 Most Iconic Moments in Six Nations History, the year 2002 stands out as a testament to the extraordinary moments that define the essence of rugby. Jason Robinson, with his indelible mark, showcased brilliance that transcended the boundaries of a mere match. Despite England’s defeat in Paris, Robinson’s performance became the stuff of legend, as he etched his name in the lore of Six Nations.

His brilliant individual try was a masterclass in balance, acceleration, and sheer genius, serving as a powerful reminder that rugby, at its core, is a canvas where players paint moments that go beyond victories and losses. Robinson’s display encapsulated the magic that makes rugby a sport of enduring memories, where individual brilliance can illuminate even the darkest days on the field, leaving an imprint that resonates with fans for years to come.

3. Johnny Wilkinson’s Drop Goal Masterclass (Ireland 6 – 42 England):

The 2003 Six Nations stands as a pivotal chapter in rugby history, particularly for the legendary Johnny Wilkinson, whose drop goal masterclass left an indelible mark on the tournament. Wilkinson’s precision and finesse were on full display as he executed a drop goal with his ‘wrong’ right foot, showcasing a level of skill that set him apart.

Far beyond a simple scoring play, this moment became a symbol of England’s efficiency and strategic prowess during the championship. Little did the rugby world know that Wilkinson’s artistry with the ball would serve as a prelude to England’s triumphant World Cup campaign later that same year. In retrospect, this drop goal not only secured victory for England but also became a harbinger of the team’s future success on the grandest stage of international rugby.

4. Yachvili’s Grand Slam Decider (France 24 – 21 England):

The rugby landscape in 2004 witnessed a moment of exquisite brilliance, courtesy of Dimitri Yachvili. In a pivotal match, Yachvili showcased his rugby intellect with a clever grubber kick and chase try that not only demonstrated individual skill but also marked a turning point for France. This strategic maneuver held a deeper significance, as it served as a symbol of France’s quest for redemption following their heart-wrenching World Cup semi-final loss in Australia. As the Biarritz scrum-half orchestrated this masterful performance, it became evident that his contribution went beyond the immediate play—it was a key factor in France’s triumphant Grand Slam success during the Six Nations. And the only reason this stays in 11 Most Iconic Moments in Six Nations History.

5. Gavin Henson’s Sublime Performance (Wales 11 – 9 England):

The 2005 clash between Wales and England showcased the sublime skills of Gavin Henson. Whether it was dumping England’s Matthew Tait on his backside or nailing a long-range penalty to secure victory, Henson’s performance resonated with Welsh fans and became an iconic moment in Six Nations history. Henson’s dual display of physical prowess and precision under pressure not only secured a crucial win but also elevated him to a status of rugby hero, imprinting his name in the annals of the Six Nations.

6. Anthems at Croke Park (Ireland 43 – 13 England):

The 2007 Six Nations transcended the boundaries of sport as Ireland faced England at Croke Park. The silence during the English anthem at this revered Gaelic sports venue marked a triumph of Anglo-Irish spirit and set the stage for a memorable performance, led by the inspirational Paul O’Connell. In that poignant silence, history unfolded, symbolizing a moment where the unity of the rugby community overcame the rivalries on the field, creating an enduring legacy that extends far beyond the confines of a mere match.

7. Ronan O’Gara’s Grand Slam Winning Drop Goal (Wales 15 – 17 Ireland):

In 2009, Ronan O’Gara stepped into the limelight with a long-range drop goal in the 78th minute against Wales, securing Ireland’s first Grand Slam in 61 years. O’Gara’s heroics mirrored his achievements with Munster, solidifying his place in Irish rugby folklore. As the ball sailed through the posts, it not only sealed a historic triumph for Ireland but also marked a defining moment in O’Gara’s illustrious career, intertwining his legacy with the resurgence of Irish rugby on the international stage.

8. Orquera’s Magical Moment (Italy 23 – 18 France):

In 2013, Luciano Orquera’s magical moment showcased the unpredictability inherent in rugby. During a second-half flourish, his try-scoring pass to Martin Castrogiovanni not only stunned France but also underscored the Italian fly-half’s transformative journey from hero to zero within a week. Such is the nature of rugby, where one week’s heroics can quickly be followed by contrasting fortunes. Orquera’s pivotal role in Italy’s triumph against France became emblematic of the sport’s ability to weave narratives of elation and disappointment within the span of a few fleeting moments.

9. Daly’s Match-Winning Try Final (Wales 16 – 21 England):

In 2017, Elliot Daly’s 75th-minute match-winning try against Wales, orchestrated by precise passes from George Ford and Owen Farrell, encapsulated the essence of English magic in a land known for wizards. The quality of the play showcased the beauty and precision that rugby can achieve. As Daly soared into the corner, the synchronized execution of the passes unfolded like a well-choreographed ballet, demonstrating the seamless coordination and skill that define the pinnacle of rugby excellence.

10. Johnny Sexton’s Incredible Last-Second Drop Goal (France 13 – 15 Ireland):

In 2018, with the clock ticking and Ireland trailing, Johnny Sexton’s incredible last-second drop goal against France unfolded in the face of challenging conditions unsuitable for a kicker. While the stakes weren’t for a Grand Slam, Sexton’s strike was nothing short of a theatrical masterpiece. In those crucial seconds, as the ball sailed through the posts, Sexton not only secured a vital victory for Ireland but also crafted a moment of rugby brilliance akin to a scene from a dramatic stage production.

11. Alun Wyn Jones’ Leadership Masterclass (Wales 25 – 7 Ireland):

The 2019 edition of the Six Nations showcased Welsh skipper Alun Wyn Jones leading from the front. In a pivotal moment against Ireland, with Wales trailing 19-0, Jones displayed exceptional leadership by sprinting ahead and being the first man at the scrum. His inspiring performance became a defining moment of the tournament, symbolizing not just individual tenacity but the indomitable spirit of the Welsh team. Jones’ unwavering commitment in the face of adversity underscored the essence of leadership in rugby, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and solidifying his legacy as a captain who leads by example.

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The Six Nations Championship stands as a testament to the resilience, skill, and passion that define rugby. Through these 11 Most Iconic Moments in Six Nations History, we glimpse into the soul of the tournament, where history is written, and legends are born. As fans eagerly await each edition, they do so in anticipation of witnessing new chapters being added to this rich tapestry of rugby excellence. The magic of the Six Nations lives on through these moments, reminding us why this tournament is a perennial highlight in the world of rugby.


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