Most Bizarre Six Nations Moments of all Time

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Rugby enthusiasts around the world can attest to the fact that the Six Nations is not just a sporting competition; it’s a captivating spectacle filled with tribal fervor, fierce competition, and a fan base that spans nations. Over the years, this prestigious tournament has given us not only powerful and awe-inspiring moments but also some truly bizarre incidents that have etched their place in rugby history. In this exploration, we delve into the archives to uncover the Most Bizarre Six Nations Moments that have etched their place in rugby history.

Ball Grab Gate: A Hilarious Twist at Twickenham

The echoes of laughter and surprise still resonate among Wales and England fans alike when reminiscing about the peculiar incident dubbed “Most Bizarre Six Nations Moments.” This bizarre moment unfolded in March at the iconic Twickenham stadium. As players engaged in a heated in-goal scrap, the unexpected transpired when the Harlequins prop found himself getting overly acquainted with the nether regions of Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones.

Social media erupted with amusement, with fans quick to share memes and reactions. However, the humor was lost on Alun Wyn Jones, who sternly condemned Joe Marler’s actions in a press conference post-match. The incident left rugby enthusiasts divided – some amused by the unexpected comic relief, while others were outright outraged at the breach of on-field etiquette.

George North’s Dad Joins in the Celebrations: A Touch of Family Folly

In the annals of Six Nations history, 2013 stands out as the year of a peculiar and heartwarming celebration. During a crucial match between France and Wales at the Stade de France, winger George North scored a vital try in the corner, contributing to Wales securing a Championship win. However, it was what happened after the score that added a layer of absurdity to the moment.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a man breaking free from the stands to join the on-field celebrations – none other than George North’s father. In a surreal and brilliant display of familial exuberance, North’s dad seized the opportunity to share the elation with his son, creating a lasting memory of an utterly bizarre Six Nations moment.

Haskell and Hartley’s Rule Conundrum: Comedy on the Ref Cam

In 2017, the Six Nations witnessed a moment of sheer comedy as England faced the unconventional tactics of the Italian team at Twickenham. Italy, opting not to commit men to defensive rucks, left England befuddled and struggling to adapt to the unexpected game plan. The result was a hilarious interaction captured on the ref cam involving James Haskell, Dylan Hartley, and referee Roman Poite.

The perplexed English players sought clarification from the referee on the exact rules surrounding the breakdown. This moment not only added a touch of humor to the game but also highlighted the strategic ingenuity that teams bring to the Six Nations, making it a breeding ground for both brilliance and the utterly bizarre.

Martin Johnson’s England Refuses to Budge: Mind Games at Lansdowne Road

The year 2003 marked a significant chapter in Six Nations history as the World Cup-winning England side set their sights on a Grand Slam against Ireland. The pre-match rituals, including lining up to greet the Irish President, took an unexpected turn when Martin Johnson’s England refused to adhere to the traditional protocol.

As both teams came out to greet President Mary McAleese, Johnson took his side to the wrong side of the carpet. When notified of the mistake, he adamantly refused to move. The result? A tense and awkward series of pre-match handshakes that may have been unconventional, but in hindsight, one might argue it was a masterstroke in psychological warfare – a mind game won by the resolute English captain.

Mike Phillips’ Ghost Try Against Ireland: A Controversial Turn of Events

The Six Nations has seen its fair share of controversial moments, but perhaps none as bizarre as the “ghost try” scored by Welsh scrum-half Mike Phillips in a 2011 match against Ireland at the Millennium Stadium. With 49 minutes on the clock, the ball went out of play for a throw-in to Wales around the halfway mark.

In a sudden twist, the camera captured Mike Phillips seemingly scoring from the corner off a quick throw-in. What referee Jonathan Kaplin failed to realize was that a separate ball had been retrieved by a ball boy and given to Matthew Rees, who threw it to Phillips. The shocking call from the referee added an element of disbelief to the game, making it one of the Most Bizarre Six Nations Moments etched in controversy.

Bizarre Tunnel Standoff Between England and Wales: A Clash of Wills

The Millennium Stadium in 2015 witnessed a bizarre standoff that added a unique chapter to Six Nations lore. In the customary pre-match routine where the visitors head out first, followed by the home team a few minutes later, England’s captain Chris Robshaw decided to rewrite the script.

Robshaw made his team wait in the tunnel, creating a standoff with Wales as neither team wanted to take the field first. The tension outside the dressing rooms reached a peak, with English full-back Mike Brown vocalizing the team’s sentiment – “if they’re not out in one minute, we’ll come back in.” The standoff showcased the psychological battles that extend beyond the pitch, making it a truly bizarre and memorable Six Nations moment.

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The Most Bizarre Six Nations Moments not only add a layer of eccentricity to the tournament but also serve as a testament to the unpredictable nature of rugby. From unexpected on-field antics to familial celebrations and mind games played out in pre-match rituals, the Six Nations has seen it all. These moments, though bizarre, contribute to the rich tapestry of the sport, creating indelible memories for fans and players alike. As we eagerly await the next edition of the Six Nations, we can only wonder what new surprises and eccentricities it will unveil on the hallowed rugby grounds.


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