The 10 Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Paris: A Rugby Fan’s Guide

The Six Nations – a spectacle of raw athleticism, strategic brilliance, and the unwavering camaraderie of rugby enthusiasts. For those seeking to bask in the fervor of this celebrated tournament, Paris offers a unique blend of rugby passion and cosmopolitan charm. In this guide, we unveil the Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Paris, exploring the top 10 spots in the City of Lights where you can witness the Six Nations in all its glory.

The 10 Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Paris

Embark on a rugby journey through the heart of Paris with our guide to The 10 Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Paris. From traditional Scottish havens to cosmopolitan hotspots, these pubs promise an immersive experience, uniting passionate fans, electrifying atmospheres, and the thrill of the Six Nations spectacle in the City of Lights.

1. The Auld Alliance: A Tartan-Clad Haven in the Marais

Nestled in the heart of the Marais, The Auld Alliance stands as a battleground for Scots and Irish ex-pats alike. Kilts, renditions of national anthems, and the rich aroma of hearty pub fare set the stage for an unforgettable Six Nations experience. Multiple screens ensure you catch every try, creating an atmosphere that echoes with the spirit of both Flower of Scotland and Finnigan’s Wake.

2. The Bombardier: Parisian Institution of Sports Fandom

The Bombardier, an institution in the Parisian sports scene, offers a multi-level space dedicated to the art of rugby appreciation. With screens scattered across its sprawling interior, patrons can choose between the energetic main bar and the more relaxed upstairs mezzanine. The diverse crowd, composed of both locals and internationals, adds to the electric atmosphere, making pre-match predictions and post-match banter integral to The Bombardier experience.

3. O’Sullivans: Irish Charm Across Parisian Landscapes

O’Sullivans, an Irish pub chain scattered across Paris, brings the charm of the Emerald Isle to Six Nations enthusiasts. With friendly bartenders, hearty Irish food, and an atmosphere brimming with camaraderie, O’Sullivans is an ideal spot for a casual yet spirited viewing experience. Singalongs, fancy dress, and good-natured rivalry among supporters create an ambiance that encapsulates the essence of Irish hospitality.

4. The Frog & Rosbif: Parisian Elegance Meets Rugby Fervor

For those seeking a touch of Parisian elegance intertwined with rugby fervor, The Frog & Rosbif is the epitome of style. This gastropub offers a dedicated rugby room adorned with a large screen, plush leather sofas, and a menu blending classic pub fare with French flair. Enjoy the game in comfort, sipping on Bordeaux, and relishing in a post-match feast – a fusion of Parisian sophistication and sporting excitement.

5. Café Oz – Châtelet: Multicultural Melting Pot Near Châtelet Theatre

Situated near the iconic Châtelet theatre, Café Oz provides a vibrant, multicultural atmosphere perfect for absorbing the Six Nations excitement. Multiple screens, a spacious terrace, and a diverse crowd make this pub a melting pot of nationalities and rugby passion. French banter, English cheers, and the occasional haka contribute to the unique charm of Café Oz.

6. The Highlander: A Scottish Oasis in Paris

Calling all Scots to The Highlander, your Parisian home during the Six Nations. This traditional Scottish pub, complete with tartan carpets and kilted staff, exudes Caledonian camaraderie. Bagpipe singalongs, Scotch eggs, and an atmosphere pulsating with Scottish passion await, providing a true taste of Scotland in the heart of Paris.

7. Corcoran’s: Irish Pub Giant in the Latin Quarter

Situated in the lively Latin Quarter, Corcoran’s, another Irish pub giant, promises a thrilling Six Nations experience. Multiple screens, a dedicated “sports corner,” and a buzzing atmosphere make this pub perfect for those who want to be in the thick of the action. Expect friendly rivalry, boisterous banter, and perhaps even a touch of Irish jigging as the tries rack up.

8. Eden Park: A Haven for Rugby Purists

Eden Park, named after the iconic New Zealand stadium, caters to the discerning tastes of die-hard rugby fans. Adorned with rugby memorabilia, manned by knowledgeable staff, and embracing a no-nonsense approach to the game, Eden Park embodies the pure joy of watching rugby. In-depth match analysis, passionate debates, and a genuine reverence for the sport make it a true rugby lover’s paradise.

9. The Long Hop: Craft Beer Haven with a Sporting Twist

Craft beer aficionados, assemble at The Long Hop – a haven that combines artisanal brews with a dedicated sports bar. Enjoy the Six Nations with a pint of locally brewed IPA, relish gourmet burgers, and soak up the trendy yet relaxed atmosphere. The Long Hop caters to those who seek a touch of urban hipster cool alongside their rugby excitement.

10. The Belushi’s: International Flavor in Every Sip

For a truly international Six Nations experience, look no further than The Belushi’s. This global bar chain, with locations across Paris, offers a multicultural atmosphere where nationalities, languages, and cheering styles converge. Whether you’re supporting Wales, Fiji, or even Namibia, The Belushi’s ensures you find your tribe amid the diverse tapestry of rugby enthusiasts.

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Summing it Up!

In the heart of Paris, these ten pubs stand as bastions of Six Nations fervor, offering fans a tapestry of experiences, from the traditional to the cosmopolitan. Each venue adds a unique flavor to the rugby-watching experience, weaving together the passion of the sport with the charm of Parisian hospitality. So, as the Six Nations unfold, grab a seat in one of these pubs, savor the atmosphere, and let the rugby magic of Paris enrapture you.

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