The Ultimate Guide to Top 10 Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Dublin

Dublin, the heart of Ireland, pulses with rugby fervor during Six Nations, European Rugby Championships, and the Rugby World Cup. As the Irish team gears up for the Rugby World Cup in France, the streets of Dublin come alive with the passion of rugby enthusiasts. Although the Aviva Stadium lies idle, the city’s pubs are buzzing, offering an electrifying atmosphere for fans eager to cheer on their favorite players.

Top 10 Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Dublin

Embark on a rugby pilgrimage in Dublin with our curated list of the Top 10 Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Dublin. From historic venues to modern sports bars, these pubs offer the perfect blend of spirited atmospheres, delectable bites, and unforgettable moments as you witness the Six Nations unfold in the vibrant heart of Dublin.

1. Searsons, Baggot Street

Searsons on Baggot Street is a rugby haven, showcasing all Ireland and Leinster matches on big screens with surround sound. The spacious venue ensures ample seating with excellent views of the action. Whether indoors or in the beer garden, fans can enjoy a full menu of pub grub, from chicken wings to bacon cheeseburgers, making it an ideal pre or post-match destination.

2. The Swan, Aungier Street

With a long-standing rugby legacy, The Swan on Aungier Street is a Victorian pub adorned with memorabilia. Once owned by former Ireland international player Sean Lynch, it is now run by his son. The pub exudes a lovely ambiance for watching matches, attracting a regular crowd of local aficionados immersed in cheering on their favorite teams.

3. The Bath, Bath Avenue

Located around the corner from the Aviva Stadium, The Bath offers a front-row seat to the matchday roar. Large TV screens broadcast all the significant games, and the real excitement kicks in when fans spill out from the stadium for a post-game pint. The courtyard provides a vibrant setting to share the thrill of victory or console each other after a tough loss.

4. Toner’s, Baggot Street

Toner’s on Baggot Street radiates a raucous energy during rugby matches, drawing fans both inside and to the heated beer garden. A favorite among visiting teams, it has hosted players from Fiji and the USA squads. For those with an appetite, bringing in a pizza from Cirillo’s next door, cooked in an oven imported from Naples, is a delightful option.

5. The Blackrock

Co-owned by rugby legends Seán O’Brien, Jamie Heaslip, and the Kearney brothers, Rob and Dave, The Blackrock stands out for its sophisticated ambiance. The brunch menu offers a touch of elegance with options like eggs benedict and French toast. Rugby enthusiasts can also enjoy match-day giveaways, including tickets to games, adding an extra layer of excitement.

6. The Old Stand, Exchequer Street

Named after a stand at the old Landsdowne Road rugby ground, The Old Stand is a match-day favorite in the city center. Its prime location attracts both local supporters and visiting fans eager to soak up the Dublin experience. The club sandwich and fish and chips are popular menu choices, ensuring fans are well-fed while cheering on their teams.

7. The Wool Shed, Parnell Street

The Wool Shed, an Australian sports bar, prioritizes rugby on its giant screen, making it a hotspot for rugby-mad Aussies and Kiwis in the city. The extensive menu includes bar snacks like chicken wings and burger sliders. The sizable screens and lively atmosphere contribute to a memorable Six Nations viewing experience.

8. Doheny & Nesbitt, Baggot Street

Doheny & Nesbitt’s devotion to rugby is evident on match days, drawing a packed crowd of fervent fans. Knowledgeable enthusiasts passionately support their heroes in Irish green and Leinster blue. The pub’s extensive collection of whiskies adds to the celebratory atmosphere, making it a go-to spot for rugby celebrations.

9. The Hill, Ranelagh

The Hill in Ranelagh, with its classic old pub aesthetics, transforms into a rugby-centric venue on match days. Several screens throughout the pub ensure an unobstructed view for spectators. Alongside the standard bar offerings, The Hill boasts a great wine list, cocktail menu, and even serves quality coffee, catering to diverse preferences.

10. The Camden, Camden Street

For a truly immersive rugby watching experience, The Camden on Camden Street stands out. This multi-level sports bar hosts Europe’s largest indoor Samsung 4k screen, creating a real live action event feel. With over 80 other screens, spirited fans can reserve tables in advance, ensuring an unforgettable experience during the most significant rugby games.

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Summing it Up!

Dublin, a city pulsating with rugby pride, offers an array of pubs catering to fans seeking the ultimate Six Nations viewing experience. From historic venues to modern sports bars, each pub adds its unique flavor to the rugby spectacle, making Dublin the perfect destination for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the sport’s passionate embrace. As the Irish team aims for glory in the Rugby World Cup, these pubs serve as the ideal battlegrounds for fans to witness the drama, excitement, and camaraderie of Six Nations rugby.


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