Unveiling Top 10 Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Cardiff

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Cardiff, a city steeped in rugby history, transforms into a vibrant hub during Six Nations match days. The Principality Stadium, adorned with over 20 bars, sets the stage for exhilarating rugby action. However, the charm extends beyond the stadium, with a mix of independent and chain venues creating a bustling atmosphere. For those seeking the Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Cardiff to soak in the fervor, this list is your ultimate guide. From iconic establishments to hidden gems, Cardiff’s pub scene offers a diverse array of options for an unforgettable match day experience.

Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Cardiff

In the heart of rugby fervor, Cardiff unfolds as a dynamic host for Six Nations match days. The city’s Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Cardiff become lively arenas, each offering a unique experience for enthusiasts. From the iconic atmosphere of The Old Arcade to the craft beer haven of The Head of Steam, Cardiff’s pub scene adds a special touch to the Six Nations celebration. Whether you’re drawn to traditional charm, Irish charisma, or modern sports bar vibes, these selected pubs ensure that the Six Nations in Cardiff is not just a tournament—it’s an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Cardiff: The Old Arcade, Church Street

Located on Church Street, The Old Arcade stands as an iconic pub exuding a unique atmosphere. Outdoor seating spills into the city center, creating a lively ambiance. This venue serves as a perfect pre or post-match destination, providing a quintessential Cardiff pub experience.

Best Pubs Showing Six Nations in Cardiff: Tiny Rebel, Westgate Street

Tiny Rebel on Westgate Street stands out for serving beers from the award-winning brewery in Newport. A pint of Clwb Tropica becomes a matchday favorite, adding to the vibrant spirit of Six Nations celebrations.

City Arms, Quay Street

Nestled in the shadows of the Principality Stadium, City Arms on Quay Street proudly declares itself a beer lover’s paradise. This Brains pub offers a diverse selection of beverages, making it an ideal spot for aficionados seeking quality drinks.

The Head of Steam, Church Street

Situated on Church Street, The Head of Steam represents a popular chain pub known for its craft beer selection. Boasting a range of real ales and beers from around the world, it provides a welcoming setting for rugby enthusiasts.

Walkabout, St Mary Street

While Walkabout is a chain, the Cardiff branch on St Mary Street stands out for its unmatched matchday atmosphere. Embrace the lively spirit of rugby celebrations in this popular venue, offering a unique experience during the Six Nations.

Pitch Bar & Eatery, Mill Lane

Celebrated by Rugby World writer Paul Williams, Pitch Bar & Eatery on Mill Lane stands as a fiercely independent venue honoring the best of Wales. With a commitment to showcasing local pride, it becomes a standout choice for matchday revelry.

O’Neill’s, Saint Mary Street and Trinity Street

Irish charm finds its place in the heart of Cardiff with O’Neill’s, a renowned Irish bar. With two locations on Saint Mary Street and Trinity Street, it caters to those seeking an authentic Irish pub experience amid the rugby festivities.

The Cambrian Tap, Saint Mary Street

Listed among Cardiff’s top five pubs on TripAdvisor, The Cambrian Tap on Saint Mary Street boasts an inviting atmosphere on matchdays. Explore this popular venue that promises a delightful blend of camaraderie and quality drinks.

Blue Bell, High Street

As one of Cardiff’s oldest Croeso pubs, Blue Bell on High Street exudes character and authenticity. Steeped in history, it provides a charming backdrop for Six Nations enthusiasts looking for a unique and traditional pub experience.

The Grand Bar and Kitchen, Westgate Street

Proudly independent, The Grand Bar and Kitchen on Westgate Street spans two floors and features a cozy basement bar. This venue stands as a testament to Cardiff’s commitment to fostering independent establishments that contribute to the city’s rich pub culture.

The Owain Glyndwr, St John Street

Standing as a prominent corner plot pub, The Owain Glyndwr on St John Street is a traditional free house located a short walk from the Principality Stadium. Its size and traditional charm make it a distinctive choice for those seeking a lively match day atmosphere.

Elevens Bar and Grill, Castle Street

Owned by Welsh football legend Gareth Bale, Elevens Bar and Grill on Castle Street brings a modern sports bar vibe to Cardiff. With a friendly atmosphere and a touch of celebrity flair, it adds a contemporary twist to the city’s pub scene.

The Borough Arms, St Mary Street

Amid the bustling pubs on St Mary Street, The Borough Arms may be easy to miss, but its lively atmosphere on match days guarantees a memorable experience. Join the energetic crowd and immerse yourself in the Six Nations fervor.

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Summing it Up!

Cardiff’s pub landscape offers a kaleidoscope of options for rugby enthusiasts during the Six Nations. Whether you choose the iconic ambiance of The Old Arcade, the craft beer haven of The Head of Steam, or the authentic Irish charm of O’Neill’s, each pub contributes to the vibrant tapestry of match day celebrations. As the Principality Stadium roars with the thrill of rugby, these carefully selected pubs become more than just venues—they transform into hubs of connection, camaraderie, and shared passion. In Cardiff, the Six Nations isn’t just a tournament; it’s a citywide celebration, and these pubs stand at its heart.


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