Top 10 Most Underrated Players in NHL

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The NHL is brimming with talent, where some players receive their due spotlight while others remain hidden gems. This article dives deep into the careers of the top 10 most underrated players in NHL. These players, through their consistent performance, skill, and dedication, contribute significantly to their teams, yet often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. From reliable defensemen to unsung heroes on the forward lines, these players exemplify the spirit and skill of hockey at its finest.

10. Devon Toews, Colorado Avalanche – The Silent Guardian

Devon Toews, of the Colorado Avalanche, epitomizes the most underrated players in NHL. Since his transition from the New York Islanders, Toews has demonstrated impeccable defensive skills and an ability to contribute offensively, which is crucial for a top-tier defenseman. Despite his significant impact on games, Toews remains relatively unrecognized in the broader NHL narrative.

  • Defensive Skills: Exceptional ability in blocking shots and breaking up offensive plays.
  • Contributions to Offense: Consistently records points, proving valuable during power plays and regular shifts.
  • Endurance: Routinely logs heavy minutes in all situations, showcasing his fitness and importance to his team.

Toews’s all-around capabilities and reliability in high-pressure situations truly make him one of the most underrated players in NHL.

9. Jared McCann, Seattle Kraken – The Stealth Scorer

Jared McCann has carved a niche for himself as one of the most underrated players in NHL through his tenure with the Seattle Kraken. His journey across various teams has culminated in a role where his scoring ability can shine through, despite being overshadowed by more prominent teammates.

  • Scoring Prowess: Highly effective shooter with a quick release, making him a threat in the offensive zone.
  • Adaptability: Can perform in multiple forward positions, providing his coach with flexibility in line combinations.
  • Defensive Contributions: Excels in a two-way role, showcasing his commitment to both ends of the ice.

McCann’s knack for crucial goals and his under-the-radar play underscore why he is among the most underrated players in the NHL.

8. Vince Dunn, Seattle Kraken – The Blue Line Innovator

Vince Dunn, another standout from the Seattle Kraken, is prominently featured among the most underrated players in the NHL. His prowess on the blue line, coupled with his offensive contributions, makes him a dual-threat defenseman who can change the course of a game.

  • Offensive Production: Regularly contributes points from the back, enhancing his team’s scoring depth.
  • Puck Management: Superior puck handling and mobility allow him to control the play and set up offensive opportunities.
  • Defensive Reliability: Solid in his defensive duties, he is a critical player in maintaining his team’s defensive structure.

Dunn’s significant yet understated contributions to his team firmly establish him as one of the most underrated players in the NHL.

7. Bryan Rust, Pittsburgh Penguins – The Unsung Hero

Bryan Rust of the Pittsburgh Penguins is a prime example of the most underrated players in the NHL. Playing alongside high-profile athletes, Rust’s contributions are pivotal yet often overlooked. His versatility and clutch performance, especially in critical games, make him an invaluable asset to his team.

  • Speed and Tenacity: Utilizes his speed to disrupt opposing defenses and create scoring chances.
  • Key Performances: Known for his ability to elevate his game during the playoffs.
  • Versatile Play: His capability to excel in various game situations enhances his team’s strategic options.

Rust’s role, particularly in high-stakes moments, highlights why he is one of the most underrated players in the NHL.

6. Connor Brown, Washington Capitals – The Workhorse Wing

Connor Brown’s tenure with the Washington Capitals has solidified his position as one of the most underrated players in the NHL. Known for his diligence and defensive acumen, Brown also possesses an underrated offensive talent, making timely contributions to his team’s efforts.

  • Reliable Scoring: Consistently provides important goals and assists, proving crucial in tight games.
  • Special Teams Expertise: An integral part of penalty-killing units, helping his team survive and capitalize on shorthanded situations.
  • Leadership Qualities: Exemplifies leadership both on and off the ice, influencing his teammates positively.

Brown’s comprehensive skill set and commitment make him a quintessential example of the most underrated players in the NHL.

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5. Adam Henrique, Anaheim Ducks – The Dependable Center

Adam Henrique has been a cornerstone for the Anaheim Ducks, exhibiting traits that epitomize the most underrated players in the NHL. His ability to perform consistently, particularly in crucial situations, along with his defensive reliability, makes him a key player in his team’s lineup.

  • Faceoff Excellence: Dominates in the faceoff circle, securing critical possession for his team.
  • Defensive Duties: Strong defensive play, particularly in mitigating opposing centers.
  • Clutch Scoring: Has a knack for scoring in key moments, particularly in the playoffs.

Henrique’s all-around gameplay and clutch performances are why he stands out among the most underrated players in the NHL.

4. Tyler Bertuzzi, Detroit Red Wings – The Gritty Game-Changer

Tyler Bertuzzi, from the Detroit Red Wings, is one of the most underrated players in the NHL, known for his physical play and scoring ability. His gritty style and capability to alter the dynamics of a game through both his physicality and offensive skills make him a unique asset.

  • Physical Presence: Notable for his aggressive playing style, which creates space and opportunities for his teammates.
  • Scoring Ability: Consistently contributes offensively, showcasing his well-rounded game.
  • Energy Boost: His energetic play can shift the momentum of a game, rallying his team and fans.

Bertuzzi’s multifaceted role on his team underscores his place among the most underrated players in the NHL.

3. Kevin Fiala, Los Angeles Kings – The Creative Catalyst

Kevin Fiala of the Los Angeles Kings exemplifies creativity and skill, traits that earmark him as one of the most underrated players in the NHL. His ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates sets him apart as a key offensive player.

  • Innovative Playmaking: Exceptional at generating plays that lead to scoring opportunities.
  • Individual Skill: Capable of changing the course of a game with his solo efforts.
  • Power Play Contributions: Plays a critical role in power play situations, using his skills to exploit defensive weaknesses.

Fiala’s artistic approach and playmaking abilities firmly place him among the most underrated players in the NHL.

2. Jacob Markstrom, Calgary Flames – The Wall in the Net

As a goaltender for the Calgary Flames, Jacob Markstrom has proven himself to be among the most underrated players in NHL. His ability to make crucial saves and provide a stable presence in net is vital for his team’s success, yet often goes uncelebrated.

  • Impressive Save Capability: Excels at stopping high-danger shots, keeping his team in games during critical moments.
  • Reliability: Offers consistent performance, serving as the backbone of his team’s defensive strategy.
  • Game-Changing Saves: Known for making saves that can alter the outcome of a game, providing his team with the confidence to play aggressively.

Markstrom’s robust performances in goal highlight why he is one of the most underrated players in the NHL.

1. Roope Hintz, Dallas Stars – The Silent Star

Topping the list is Roope Hintz of the Dallas Stars, who represents the pinnacle of the most underrated players in NHL. His blend of speed, skill, and tactical intelligence makes him an exceptional player, crucial to his team’s success both offensively and defensively.

  • Dynamic Offensive Skills: Combines speed with precise shot-making to lead his team’s offensive efforts.
  • Defensive Competence: Effective in defensive scenarios, adding balance to his overall play.
  • Strategic Penalty Drawing: Excels at drawing penalties, providing his team with advantageous power play opportunities.

Hintz’s comprehensive abilities and critical role in key situations firmly establish him as the most underrated player in the NHL.


This exploration of the top 10 most underrated players in NHL highlights the breadth of talent and dedication within the league that often goes unnoticed. These players exemplify the depth and diversity of skill in professional hockey, contributing significantly to their teams and the sport. By acknowledging these athletes, we gain a fuller appreciation of the NHL’s dynamic and competitive nature, recognizing the integral roles these players play in the fabric of the game.


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