Who has the best defense in the 2024 NFL season?

In the NFL, a powerful defense can often be the cornerstone of a championship-winning team. As the 2024 NFL season approaches, certain teams are emerging as frontrunners with formidable defensive units capable of dominating their opponents. This article delves into the specifics of the top five teams expected to feature the best defense in 2024 NFL season, highlighting their strengths, strategies, and key players.

The Core Elements of a Superior Defense

Understanding the dynamics that contribute to a top-tier defense is essential to appreciating why some teams excel. A team with the best defense in 2024 NFL season typically excels in several critical areas:

  • Scoring Defense: The ability to limit the opponent’s scoring, crucial for winning close games.
  • Turnover Ratio: Teams that create more turnovers give their own offense more opportunities to score.
  • Quarterback Pressure: Sacks and pressures lead to mistakes and turnovers by the opposing offense.
  • Pass Defense and Run Stopping: Balancing these ensures that the defense can handle any type of offensive strategy.

These metrics are foundational in evaluating the teams that are likely to have the best defense in 2024 NFL season and will guide our analysis of each team discussed.

#5 Kansas City Chiefs: Building on a Strong Foundation

The Kansas City Chiefs’ defense was instrumental in their recent Super Bowl run, thanks to their ability to limit points effectively. Looking ahead to the 2024 NFL season, they are poised to maintain a strong defensive front.

  • Continued Excellence: Despite key losses, the Chiefs’ core defensive strategies, which allowed them to give up the second-fewest points last season, remain intact.
  • Strategic Player Movements: Even with the loss of crucial players like L’Jarius Snead, the team’s strategy to fortify their run defense with talents like Chris Jones suggests they will remain contenders for having the best defense in 2024 NFL season.

#4 Dallas Cowboys: A Resilient Defensive Identity

The Dallas Cowboys face a season of transition, especially with the departure of their former defensive coordinator. However, the strength of players like Micah Parsons, who had an impressive sack total last year, keeps their defense competitive.

  • Adjusting to Changes: The Cowboys’ adaptability will be tested without Dan Quinn. The recruitment of fresh talent and draft picks like Marshawn Kneeland could fill the void, maintaining their status among teams with the best defense in 2024 NFL season.
  • Parsons’ Impact: Micah Parsons’ ability to disrupt offenses will be crucial as the Cowboys aim to compensate for their losses and sustain their defensive prowess.

#3 Cleveland Browns: A Rising Defensive Force

Under the strategic direction of Jim Schwartz, the Cleveland Browns’ defense is on an upward trajectory, making significant gains in several defensive metrics last season.

  • Comprehensive Growth: With the first ranking in yards allowed and a high turnover production, the Browns’ defense shows substantial promise for being one of the best in the 2024 NFL season.
  • Scheme Familiarity: The second year under Schwartz’s system should see further improvements as players become more accustomed to his defensive philosophy, positioning the Browns as a top contender for the best defense in 2024 NFL season.

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#2 Baltimore Ravens: Dominance Through Consistency

Last season, the Baltimore Ravens’ defense was a benchmark in the league, leading in points allowed and overall defensive efficiency. Their consistent performance makes them a perennial favorite.

  • Sustained Excellence: Despite personnel changes, the Ravens’ fundamental defensive strategies remain robust, keeping them in the elite circle of the best defense in 2024 NFL season.
  • Defensive Metrics Leadership: Their leadership in defensive metrics such as DVOA and sacks highlights their strategic depth and execution.

#1 New York Jets: The Epitome of Defensive Mastery

The New York Jets have transformed their defense into one of the most feared units in the NFL. Their comprehensive approach to both pass defense and run stopping has set new standards.

  • Strategic Acquisitions: The addition of players like Hasson Reddick strengthens their defensive line, crucial for maintaining their status as possibly the best defense in 2024 NFL season.
  • Defensive Statistics: Ranking highly in interceptions and pass defenses last season, the Jets’ defense is well-rounded and equipped to challenge any offense in the league.


The 2024 NFL season is shaping up to be one dominated by strong defensive teams. These five teams, each with their unique strengths and strategies, are poised to not only challenge offenses but to redefine expectations for what a top NFL defense can achieve. Whether through strategic drafting, smart player acquisitions, or by cultivating a culture of resilience and adaptability, these teams are leading the charge toward claiming the title of the best defense in the 2024 NFL season, promising a thrilling and competitive season ahead.

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