Wimbledon teams up with IBM to introduce generative AI video

In July, the famed Wimbledon event will debut commentary powered by artificial intelligence, by teaming up with IBM.

The All England Club has used the Watsonx AI platform from IT giant IBM to produce audio commentary and captions for its video highlight packages.

IBM has named their enterprise AI and data platform as Watsonx. According to IBM, they have trained the technology in the “unique language of tennis.”

The All England Club and AI have a history together because the club now produces its player power index using IBM’s technology. One tool for evaluating a tennis player’s performance on the court is the index.
When using the Wimbledon app or the tournament’s official website, tennis fans will have access to the creative video packages.

The AI-powered technology is expected to generate captions for select videos in the absence of a human commentator during the event. The AI-powered analysis will uncover anomalies and predict potential surprises by calculating the likelihood of a specific player reaching the singles final of the competition.

Beckman said;

“We see what happened in the French Open, and what IBM is doing at Wimbledon really has been great uses of AI to make the fan experience richer,”

“For Wimbledon, it’s about providing commentary in the future on matches that don’t currently have human commentary,” said Farrar. It isn’t based on a certain person or person and their style. You can imagine training it in particular styles, languages, and voices in the future. This represents a phase in that process.
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