Vinicius confirms he is willing to help FIFA with racism problem

After deciding to join a player-led committee addressing the issue, Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr is poised to take FIFA role of the face of FIFA’s anti-racism campaign.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, said yesterday that he had requested Vinicius to assist FIFA in handling the situation and suggest more severe penalties. That is in contrast to his assertions that racism in football had not existed seven years earlier.

Speaking to the media after that announcement, Vinicius appreciated the support.

“I want to thank Real Madrid, the CBF, and the FIFA president after the Mestalla episode. We will continue together until the end to continue the fight.”

Vinicius then went on to explain that he had received a visit from Infantino.

“Infantino asked me who players could aid him when he came to the hotel. When we are all here, we are stronger. I wish to keep helping kids and those who are in need. Not everyone has the strength to state that this occurs worldwide, not just in stadiums in Spain”. I want to keep providing assistance to individuals who require it, Cadena SER said. After the Brazil workout, Vinicius was talking.

He emphasized the importance of his family in helping him be able to handle such harassment on his own.

“My mind is really calm. My family has supported me ever since I was a young child. Along with bigotry, I have endured pressure ever since making my stage debut at the age of 16 as well.”

This season, Vinicius has faced numerous instances of racial abuse and has never shied away from them. Vinicius now has a voice in FIFA, the world governing body of football, hence FIFA is under pressure to act and implement Vinicius’ recommendations. Otherwise, it would seem as though they are just giving lip service to a problem that has already gotten a lot of attention.

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