Verstappen wants Hamilton as next Red Bull F1 team-mate

Verstappen wants Hamilton as F1 team mate as Jacques Villeneuve believes it in order to achieve his “ultimate goal”. Verstappen and Hamilton have the most elevated profile competition on the grand prix network. With the pressure between the match cresting in 2021 as they battled for the drivers’ championship.

They outstandingly collided at Silverstone, Interlagos, Monza and Jeddah some time recently the questionable decider and misusing of a late security car method by the FIA within the Abu Dhabi finale.

In spite of this warmed past, 1997 F1 title champ Villeneuve considers Verstappen needs Hamilton as his Red Bull team-mate to appear the world he can beat the seven-time winner.

Speaking exclusively Villeneuve made of the second seat at Red Bull:

“I don’t think [the team] care [who it is]. They have Max. So, right now, Max can win like this. They are easily in front, they get all the image they want, why should they care? Put a young guy there that wants to show he’s the new world leader and stirs the pot. I think Max would probably want Lewis… so he can show the world he can beat Lewis. That would be his ultimate goal. So, that’s probably something he would want, but I’m not sure if Red Bull would want that. I don’t know.”

In the midst of Verstappen taking control of final weekend’s Dutch circular to score a record-equaling ninth GP win in a push, Villeneuve said there’s no point in complaining around the two-time guarding champion’s current monopoly.

Villeneuve continued:

 “He is better than the rest. That’s it. There’s no point saying it’s harmful. It’s not the rules that make him the best. He is the best. People should be happy and proud of that. It used to be Lewis and Mercedes [who earned a drivers’ and teams’ title double between 2014 and 2020], and nobody complained. So why didn’t people complain about Lewis, but complain now about Max? I don’t understand the concept there.”

Former Williams, BAR, Renault and Sauber driver Villeneuve moreover figured that individuals required to see past Verstappen’s run of frame to see that F1 is “so close” and the “best it’s ever been”.

Hamilton is broadly expected to resume terms with Mercedes for 2024 and past, having long expressed his devotion to the team.

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