Valorant pro suffers injury while playing badminton

Thanamethk ‘Crws’ Mahatthananuyut, a Talon Esports Valorant pro, sustained an injury while playing badminton. Talon Esports’ season ended on July 19 as they were defeated 2-1 by Gen. G in the VCT Pacific LCQ competition. This year, they were unable to qualify for any international VCT events.

In order to spend time with their loved ones before the start of the free agency period. Talon’s players went home after the defeat.

Crws said.

“First week back and already get to experience ambulance. Not looking forward to the next few months.” 

IGL Crws, one of the team’s players, needed to be brought to the hospital by ambulance after getting hurt while playing badminton. The Thai player shared a picture of himself on Twitter. Writhing in agony on the badminton court as people carried him onto a stretcher.

While the Valorant pro appeared to be in immense pain from the badminton accident, he still joked about his injury in the replies.

“Bro died with his phone in his hand, what did you read? I hope you’re okay though for real. I read ‘Talon didn’t make it to Champions.”

The 26-year-old hasn’t said how long his recuperation would take or if he’ll be fully recovered before the 2024 VCT season gets underway. Crws stated last year that he might think about leaving Valorant if the team could find a stronger player to take his position. He cited the hard schedule and the anxiety of competition as his reasons for considering quitting esports.

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