Udonis Haslem Issues Stark Warning Against Lakers Hiring JJ Redick as Head Coach

Former NBA big man Udonis Haslem delivered a stark warning to the Lakers regarding their potential choice for the next head coach. Speaking on NBA Today, Haslem voiced concerns about JJ Redick, a front-runner for the position, suggesting that his appointment could foster a cynical atmosphere within the locker room.

“If it’s JJ [Redick], you’re going to have a cynical locker room,” Haslem cautioned. “You’re gonna have guys saying ‘Is coach gonna do a podcast after the game with LeBron?’ He’s gonna have a cynical locker room that side-eyes everything JJ says. They’re gonna wonder ‘Is it JJ’s message or is it LeBron’s message?'”

The close relationship between Redick and LeBron James, evident through their podcast collaborations and on-court history, raises questions about potential conflicts of interest. With minimal head coaching experience in the NBA, doubts persist regarding Redick’s ability to handle the pressure of leading the Lakers, especially when compared to other candidates like James Borrego and Sam Cassell.

Haslem proposed Heat assistant Chris Quinn as a viable alternative, citing his prior coaching experience with LeBron during their time in Miami.

Udonis Haslem Lakers

“I’m not just saying this ’cause he’s my guy but Chris Quinn has relationships coaching LeBron James in Miami… so I know he’s a guy that LeBron respects. Now is he a true, true candidate? Who knows because you might put names out there even though you’ve already picked.”

While LeBron’s influence on Lakers’ decisions is apparent, the organization seems hesitant to grant his wish for Redick as head coach, potentially for valid reasons.

As LeBron approaches free agency after six seasons with the Lakers, speculations abound regarding his next move. Retirement remains unlikely, with playing alongside his son emerging as a top priority. However, the pursuit of one last NBA title and the desire to match Kobe Bryant’s championship count may sway his decision.

The Lakers face a critical juncture this offseason, requiring careful consideration in their coaching selection. The chosen coach will significantly impact the team’s trajectory, necessitating a prudent decision-making process to avoid any setbacks.

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