Toto Wolff not as up to speed on 2026 F1 engine plan, says Horner

Christian Horner has raised doubts about Toto Wolff involvement in the of Mercedes F1 engine plan 2026 power unit program. Considering that Mercedes is a customer of High-Performance Powertrains (HPP). Horner indirectly suggested that he is more informed about the developments at the new Red Bull Powertrains division. That falls under his official oversight and is located at the same site as the Red Bull race team in Milton Keynes.

These comments were made within the context of Horner’s call for changes to the 2026 regulations. That prevent the need for “Frankenstein” cars and to reevaluate the balance between combustion engine and electrical power.

 He said.

“I’m not sure how close Toto is to his engine business, because he’s a customer, he’s not involved in HPP’s business formally,”

In response, Wolff hinted that Horner’s remarks stemmed from Red Bull lagging behind in its 2026 development program. He explained that the feedback he receives from the business. The progress made in the simulation process highlight certain limitations that are inevitable. Wolff clarified that his perspective is not driven by self-interest as an engine manufacturer but rather a holistic view of the overall situation. He emphasized the need to fine-tune the ratio between fuel flow. Cell mass to ensure exciting racing, without requiring a complete overhaul.

Integration of Chassis and Power Unit: Red Bull’s Development Strategy

Toto Wolff F1 engine plans

Red Bull’s development plans entail joining Ferrari as one of only two teams that have their chassis and power unit created on the same campus. Horner acknowledged the importance of having a competent team of individuals and being efficient in working together. He emphasized the significance of assigning responsibility and accountability to empower the team members and create an environment that supports their work. Horner sees his role as setting the direction. He targets the team’s goals and objectives. Then, he provides the necessary resources and support to help the team achieve those goals.

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