Tom Brady follows diet he had when he played in the NFL to stay in good shape

Tom Brady recently made headlines when he was spotted in New York, looking incredibly fit just a few months after retiring from the NFL and training camps. The former New England Patriots quarterback arrived via helicopter. He was dressed in a blue sweater, khaki pants, and stylish Nike Air Force sneakers worth $100.

In an interview with People magazine, Brady shared that even though he is no longer engaged in the intense physical activity of the NFL. He continues to prioritize his diet to maintain his fitness. He emphasized his commitment to healthy habits and expressed his desire to stick with them. Brady views his dietary choices as a means to support the lifestyle. He wants to lead while staying busy with various endeavors.

Tom Brady took the opportunity to once again clarify that he has no intention of returning to NFL. As a seven-time Super Bowl champion, he stated definitively that he will not be playing again, aiming to dispel any lingering speculation about a potential comeback. However, he has secured a lucrative contract with American broadcaster FOX to serve as a commentator starting in 2024. The ten-year deal is valued at an impressive $375 million.
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