Tennis racket refurb scheme launched by David Lloyd Clubs

David Lloyd Clubs has launched a new initiative aimed at refurbishing old and unwanted tennis rackets for community projects. Individuals can contribute by simply depositing their rackets into designated collection bins located in selected wellness centers until Monday, July 17th. The program involves refurbishing the donated rackets and providing them to local communities, charities, and schools. The goal is to encourage a new generation of tennis players. Also enable them to benefit from the sport’s various health advantages.

According to the Lawn Tennis Association, there has been a significant increase of 48% in young adults (16-34 years old) participating in tennis. 3.63 million children between the ages of 4 and 15 are currently playing the sport. Simon Pearson, Group Racquets Manager at David Lloyd Clubs. He emphasizes the positive impact of tennis on mental and physical well-being, community building, combating loneliness, and boosting self-esteem. The campaign encourages people across the nation to search their homes for neglected rackets. That they could be recycled to inspire young individuals in their local communities to take up tennis.

David Lloyd Clubs, tennis rackets in collaboration with Haier for their racket refurbishment mission, operates 511 indoor and 439 outdoor tennis courts, employing 400 tennis coaches who teach individuals of all ages and abilities. Their programs, including Tennis Stars for children aged 3 and above, aim to make tennis accessible to everyone.

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