Seattle Seahawks Outbid Denver Broncos for Sam Howell in Trade

The Seattle Seahawks have secured quarterback Sam Howell in a deal that reportedly outbid competition from the Denver Broncos, adding another twist to their quarterback saga.

Earlier this month, the Seahawks finalized a trade with the Washington Commanders to acquire Sam Howell, leveraging a couple of mid-late-round pick swaps. Sources suggest that the Seahawks faced stiff competition for Howell’s services, with the Broncos emerging as one of their main rivals in the bidding war.

According to George Paton, the Broncos’ general manager, the team explored various quarterback options but ultimately decided against forcing a deal without a clear fit or vision. Paton emphasized the importance of patience and strategic planning in quarterback acquisitions, indicating ongoing discussions with free agents and prospects for the upcoming draft.

Denver Broncos Seahawks

This isn’t the first time Seattle and Denver have found themselves entangled in quarterback transactions. In 2022, the Seahawks traded star quarterback Russell Wilson to the Broncos in a headline-grabbing move. However, Wilson’s tenure in Denver was underwhelming, prompting the Broncos to part ways after absorbing a substantial financial hit.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks have thrived post-Wilson, enjoying consecutive winning seasons and bolstering their roster with key acquisitions facilitated by the trade. With the Howell acquisition, Seattle appears to have once again outmaneuvered the Broncos in quarterback dealings, underscoring their strategic prowess in player acquisitions.

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