Red Bull F1 car floor exposes “different paradigm”

Red bull F1 car, following Sergio Perez’s crash in qualifying, images of the underside of his RB19 were widely disseminated over the course of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

The images were extremely helpful to other teams in their efforts to catch up with the current world champion squad since they showed the degree of sophistication that Red Bull had built into its floor design.

Williams, though, found the larger question of attempting to understand how Red Bull came up with such an ingenious concept to be much more intriguing.

Asked how valuable the photographs were, Williams head of vehicle performance Dave Robson said: 

It’s fascinating, definitely. How valuable it is, is a little bit harder to say.

“I know it was a great view that everyone got in Monaco, but I think we’d seen plenty of photos of it prior – even last year – to at least understand that it’s very complicated and you can’t see the details.

There isn’t much about an F1 car that you can just imitate from an aerodynamics standpoint. To make it function for your car, you must comprehend what it is doing and all of the supporting components.

And that floor is a perfect illustration of that. It’s on an entirely new level. Therefore, you need to dissect it in some way. It’s so complex that it’s actually challenging to comprehend how all those curves interact in a three-dimensional world.

Red Bull’s Intricate Floor Design: A Wake-Up Call for Competitors

Because that represents a brand-new paradigm in every sense. The answer to that is arguably more intriguing than the question of what it is doing at the moment. What does it indicate for the upcoming one’s [design] and how did they get there.

The kind of attention to detail that Red Bull had put into the floor design, according to Robson, would probably serve as a significant wake-up call for competitors, making them realise just how much they still need to catch up.

The comparatively straightforward Williams floor concept was revealed when Logan Sargeant crashed during practise for the Spanish Grand Prix, in contrast to the intricate Red Bull floor design.

Robson acknowledged that while there may not always be a clear correlation between complexity and improved performance, it has revealed exactly how much Williams still needs to improve.

You cannot dispute the fact that they are far ahead of where we are and, in fact, where the majority of people are. There is undoubtedly a connection there. Although indirect, there is some.

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