Quinton Jackson Announces Grudge Match With 14-Year TUF Rival

Quinton Jackson has officially announced his first fight in MMA since losing to Fedor Emilianenko back in 2019. He is former UFC light heavyweight champion also known as ‘Rampage Jackson’.

The former PRIDE middleweight winner took to his ‘JAXXON’ podcast on YouTube on August 31 to declare a resentment coordinate with Darrill “The Boss” Schoonover for December 2023.

Rampage revealed the promotor of the United Fight League (UFL) wanted him to fight:

“I’ll come back and fight grudge matches only, Jackson revealed what he told the UFL. “‘I wanna fight ‘titties’… from The Ultimate Fighter. He just signed the contract.’
The way I got ‘titties’ to fight was — I said ‘Look, if you beat me, I will never call you ‘titties’ again. He’s like ‘Okay, let’s do this.”

Rampage hadn’t yet decided what Schoonover should do if he loses.

Jackson and Schoonover showed up on season 10 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ back in 2009, with Jackson as a coach and Schoonover as a hopeful. The two rubbed each other the off-base way as Jackson coined the epithet “titties” for Schoonover — criticizing his appearance — and Schoonover didn’t appreciate the comments.

Their intelligent on the appear made for a few viral minutes, and they nearly came to blows once or twice when Rampage violated the check.

Presently 14-years on from the appear, a resentment coordinate is on the books. So how have these warriors succeeded since their TUF appearances?

Rampage, presently 45, traded wins and losses within the UFC after his TUF appearance, some time recently transitioning to Bellator and having a semi-successful spell of six wins and three misfortunes. He retired on a misfortune to Emilianenko in 2019, settling with a record of 37-14-0.

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