Pierre Gasly shoves Carlos Sainz Jr after British Grand Prix

Following the British Grand Prix, tensions arose between Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly, resulting in a heated exchange. During the race, Gasly executed a successful overtake on Sainz, only for the Ferrari driver to regain the position at the following corner.

Gasly, however, took issue with the manner in which Sainz passed him. Feeling that he was forced off the track as they approached Copse corner at high speeds of around 180mph. After the race, Gasly confronted Sainz in the paddock while the latter was being interviewed by the Spanish media. Gasly pushed Sainz on the shoulder, warning him not to behave in such a way.

Sainz appeared visibly confused but responded with a grin, stating, “Huh? Poor thing.” The incident between the two drivers adds to their recent clashes. Including a qualifying incident in Canada where Sainz impeded Gasly.

In the race itself, Sainz finished in a disappointing 10th position, while Gasly retired just a few laps before the end. After colliding with Lance Stroll while the Aston Martin driver was rejoining the track following a failed overtake. Gasly’s rear suspension was damaged in the crash, leading to his retirement. Many observers deemed the five-second penalty given to Stroll as too lenient considering the consequences for Gasly.

Gasly expressed his extreme disappointment with the incident, stating that everything seemed to go wrong for him. Stroll, on the other hand, refused to take responsibility for his role in the collision. Even though jokingly mentioned meeting Gasly in the parking lot later.

Gasly further explained that he was forced off the track both times he passed Stroll. Questioning the penalty he received since he was given no room during those overtaking maneuvers.

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