Nico Hulkenberg shows interest to join Audi F1 as the big move

Nico Hulkenberg shows interest  in joining the Audi project but has maintained he must prove he is worth it to the German manufacturer. Audi are under three a long time absent from their long-awaited entry into F1 but whereas they proceed to work on making their control unit, the foremost talked-about address is who will be driving the car come lights out in 2026.

A number of names have been connected and one that produces more sense than most has recently been centering on the topic.

As a German producer, it can be enticing to accept that Audi would need a driver with the same nationality and the choices in that regard are as of now constrained.

Mick Schumacher may be a title that has been touted but having been out of the car for nearly a full season presently, a more natural choice might instep be the exceptionally man who supplanted Schuamcher at Haas.

The subject of a conceivable move to Audi was put to Hulk who conceded that it was an thought he would consider.

He told the Beyond the Grid podcast.

“It’s definitely one of the very attractive projects right now and prospects for a new brand coming into F1. It’s very exciting, a German manufacturer as well. They are people that I’ve worked with and done really well with before. It all sounds really nice and good on paper. Obviously, I need to put in the good work, keep driving convincing drives to maybe have a shot there. But only time will tell.”

Hulk does have a number of joins with the operation as of now having driven for Sauber in 2013 as well as working with group vital Andreas Seidl amid Hulkenberg’s fruitful 2015 Le Mans run.

As of however, Audi have not commented on who will drive for them but prior this year CEO of Audi Formula Racing GmbH Adam Baker proposed nationality isn’t a beat priority.

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