Newey: Countdown to F1 retirement has “realistically” started

In May, reported that Red Bull’s chief technical officer Newey has recently extended his contract with the Milton Keynes company he joined in 2006.

The 64-year-old’s latest contract’s duration hasn’t, however, been made public.

Discover Newey; Countdown to F1 retirement has “realistically” started

At the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix, Newey and Verstappen celebrated Red Bull’s 100th championship victory on the podium. The 200th F1 car designed by Newey secured the win. While acknowledging his impact on the 1997 Williams FW19, we dismiss any involvement he had with the 2008 Toro Rosso STR3 and the 1997 McLaren MP4/12.

Although he has designed 13 cars that have thus far won a title, according to Newey, the success he has contributed to has all been secondary to realizing a childhood “dream” to work as a paid F1 designer.

It’s been a fantastic ride, he added in a statement to Sky Sports. Since I was a young child, I have always wanted to work in engineering and in motorsports, so when I landed my first position in the industry and received my first income, it was a major accomplishment. The rest has only been a bonus.

In describing his career highlights, Newey singled out his first race victory, which came in the form of Nigel Mansell winning for Williams in the 1991 Mexican GP, and end-of-season title deciders.

“They’re all special, obviously,” he continued. Certainly, the first one in Mexico and the championships decided by a single point are particularly memorable.

Asked when his career in F1 might come to an end, Newey said he had no immediate plans to retire as he is content at Red Bull – where he feels wanted and where he enjoys plying his trade.

However, he did acknowledge that the “countdown” to his F1 retirement had “realistically” started.

Newey said:

“I’m lucky enough to be doing what I have always wanted to do and enjoy the job. I’ve loved it. 
“Of course, my career can’t go on forever, so I think as long as the team want me and I keep enjoying it, I’ll keep going.
“But that’s got to be…realistically, it’s on a countdown. Exactly when that day is, I don’t know.”

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