Newcastle break UEFA rules after storm delays departure to Milan

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe commented on their late arrival in Milan ahead of their Champions League opener, stating that such delays are not uncommon. In this instance, adverse weather conditions caused the flight delay, but Howe pointed out that they had encountered similar situations before. Discover Newcastle break UEFA rules after storm delays departure to Milan.

A storm in Italy delayed Newcastle flight to Milan by more than two hours, inadvertently causing them to violate UEFA rules regarding Champions League preparations. Eddie Howe and his team departed from Newcastle for northern Italy two hours and 20 minutes behind schedule.

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UEFA regulations dictate that teams must conduct their pre-match press conferences between 12 pm and 8 pm local time on the day before a match. A storm hit Milan at 5 pm, shortly after Newcastle’s departure, though it’s unclear if this was the sole cause of the delay.

Upon finally arriving at the San Siro, Eddie Howe attributed the delay to adverse weather conditions, mentioning that they spent nearly two hours on the runway before takeoff. Newcastle’s press conference began at 9 pm, a two-hour delay from its original scheduled time.

Howe downplayed the significance of their delayed arrival in Milan and expressed confidence that it would not disrupt their Champions League campaign. Despite the less-than-ideal start to their European mission, he emphasized that such situations are not unusual in their line of work and that they are accustomed to handling them.

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