NBA Investigates Eric Lewis over Alleged Burner Account

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Longtime NBA referee Eric Lewis is under investigation by the league for allegedly using a burner account to defend himself online. The account, named “Blair Cuttliff” and with the handle “@CuttliffBlair,” has been deleted after the allegations surfaced. Fans noticed that the account consistently defended Lewis and other NBA officials, particularly against criticism from Los Angeles Lakers fans. The NBA has a rule prohibiting referees from publicly commenting on officiating without prior authorization, and Lewis may face disciplinary action if the tweets are confirmed to be his.

Eric Lewis, who is currently in his 19th season as an NBA referee, is at the center of an unusual NBA story. The league’s investigation was initiated after the discovery of the burner account, which violated the rules regarding public comments on officiating. If it is determined that Lewis posted the tweets, he could face consequences for his actions.

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