NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says basketball will take ‘back seat’ for Ja Morant

On the Dan Patrick Show recently, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver offered a novel viewpoint on how to address Ja Morant’s most recent incident. Silver thinks that addressing the fundamental issues through a programme geared at assisting Morant is more important than concentrating only on the duration of Morant’s sentence. Basketball, according to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, will take a “back seat” to Ja Morant, Discover Toy gun or not.

Morant was already suspended by the league for eight games for acting in a way that was harmful to the league after pulling a gun in a Denver nightclub on March 4. Silver thought an eight-game punishment was excessively harsh at the time.

It’s critical to understand that this is about more than just punishing him in the hopes that it won’t happen again, according to Silver. I recognize that he requires support from his team, his union, and the league office. I’m hoping that despite the punishment, we can all agree that it’s critical to work with him going forward so he can turn around his present terrible course.

According to recent whispers and reports, the league has started an ongoing inquiry as a result of Morant brandishing a toy pistol in an Instagram Live video. In response, Silver emphasized that, whether a gun is genuine or not, using it like a toy is a serious matter.

Decision on Morant’s Situation Post-NBA Finals

Silver made it clear that his responsibility in determining Morant’s potential punishment is to assess the player’s actions in the particular circumstance. He had reservations about the idea of “sending a message” because it would mean treating a particular player unfairly. The NBA wants to present a positive picture of its players and the league as a whole, according to Silver. Prior to the NBA Draught Lottery, Silver made a comment on Morant’s incident and said the NBA was looking into it. After the NBA Finals, the league will decide on Morant’s predicament, he subsequently said, because it would be fair to both Morant and the Finals participants.

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