Nascar Thrives, IndyCar Dives in US Viewership

Nascar witnessed a surge in viewership at Gateway, while IndyCar took a hit following the Indy 500 excitement.

Nascar’s race at Gateway on FS1 drew an average of 2.46 million viewers, marking a 14% increase from the previous year. Despite a dip from 2022’s 2.5 million viewers, this boost signals a positive turnaround after disappointing numbers at the Coca-Cola 600.

Overall, Nascar’s 2024 viewership averages 3.24 million, nearly matching last year’s figures despite a rocky start with the delayed Daytona 500.

On the other hand, IndyCar’s Detroit race saw a sharp decline with only 608,000 viewers tuning in. The chaotic event failed to captivate audiences, possibly due to frequent caution periods overshadowing the excitement. This represents a 42% decrease from last year’s viewership on USA Network, although direct comparisons are tricky due to the broadcast shift.


IndyCar’s struggle to maintain viewer interest beyond the Indy 500 is evident, with only the iconic race surpassing one million viewers this season. With an average of 1.38 million viewers across the first six races, IndyCar faces a concerning nine per cent drop compared to last year.

In the battle for viewership, Nascar seems to have weathered the storm better than IndyCar, maintaining strong numbers despite initial setbacks, while IndyCar grapples with retaining audience engagement post-Indy 500.


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