MLB owners could vote on A’s relocation to Las Vegas as soon as June meetings

MLB owners are considering voting on the official relocation of the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas within the next few weeks. Commissioner Rob Manfred stated that the vote could potentially take place during the owners’ meetings starting on June 13 in New York. However, Manfred acknowledged that several steps still need to be taken before a formal vote can occur.

Manfred explained that it is challenging to establish a timeline for the Oakland situation until a concrete deal is in place. The A’s have been expressing their desire to move from Oakland for some time now, and recently, they have taken significant steps toward making the move to Las Vegas a reality. The team reached an agreement with Bally’s Corporation to construct a $1.5 billion stadium on the site of the Tropicana Las Vegas casino. The proposed stadium would feature a retractable roof and accommodate 35,000 spectators. Additionally, the A’s reportedly secured a tentative agreement to receive up to $380 million in public funds for the project.

The A’s current lease at the Oakland Coliseum expires in 2024, and the team has been unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with the city to keep them in the Bay Area. Despite the deteriorating condition of the Coliseum, both Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao and Commissioner Manfred attempted to ease concerns about relocation. Thao mentioned that the city is close to finalizing a deal for a new stadium should the A’s be willing to negotiate, and Manfred did not rule out the possibility of the A’s remaining in Oakland, emphasizing that the situation is still uncertain and dependent on various factors.

In conclusion, the potential relocation of the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas is progressing, with the owners potentially voting on the matter in the coming weeks. However, the final outcome remains uncertain, and discussions between the team and the city of Oakland continue to be a factor in determining the A’s future location.

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