Michael Jai knew Errol Spence wasn’t ready to fight Terence Crawford

When the prospect of a Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence Jr. fight was being discussed, there was considerable uncertainty regarding the betting favorite. Despite Crawford’s undeniable skill, which could arguably rank him as the best pound-for-pound boxer globally, he was still severely underrated at the time. This undervaluation extended not only to the boxing world but even among some of his fellow boxers. Discover Michael Jai knew Errol Spence wasn’t ready to fight Terence Crawford.

However, everything changed after Crawford secured a victory over Errol Spence, shifting the dynamics in his favor in the long-standing rivalry. Nevertheless, the desire for a rematch lingers, raising questions about the potential cost involved. One individual privy to inside information about Errol Spence is actor Michael Jai White, who has insights into Spence’s training camp.

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Errol Spence Jr.’s Readiness for a Rematch

The pressing question remains: Is Errol Spence Jr. prepared for a rematch? It’s important to note that Spence held a record of 28 wins and 1 loss before facing Crawford, and he was expected to secure an easy victory. However, the outcome was drastically different, with Spence suffering a significant defeat, including being knocked down three times during the fight, leading to a ninth-round stoppage. Terence Crawford not only triumphed over Spence but also silenced his critics in the process.

Recent reports from ESPN indicate that Errol Spence has invoked an automatic rematch clause. Nevertheless, Michael Jai White raises doubts about the wisdom of this decision. He firmly believes that Errol Spence is not currently prepared to face his opponent. The rematch clause stipulates that the winner will determine whether the fight will take place at 147 or 154 pounds.

In an interview on VladTV, Michael Jai White shared insights into Spence’s chances in a potential rematch. White’s information predates the July fight in which Errol Spence suffered a defeat. The question lingering in the air is whether Errol Spence is truly ready for a rematch. According to Jai White, “I had some inside information. A good friend of mine who trains with Spence and was with Spence a month beforehand… He told me, ‘No, Mike.’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘He don’t have it. He’s like, ‘I wish Spence would not take this fight. He’s not ready… His legs wasn’t there. There was so much that was [not there]… A lot of people are trying to go like they knew Crawford was going to do that to him. I don’t think anybody knew that.”

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