Messi and the giants: Leo Messi goes into show business

Lionel Messi himself took to his social media platforms to unveil a sneak peek of the forthcoming animated series, a collaborative effort between Messi, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television – Kids. Discover Messi goes into show business: ‘Messi and the giants’.

The show, titled “Messi and the Giants,” will depict the world champion at the tender age of 12, embarking on a journey through a video game fraught with challenges as he endeavors to find his way back home. The series, primarily aimed at children and early teens, will incorporate original music from Sony Music Entertainment artists, and its central themes will revolve around values such as determination, resilience, and teamwork.

Now at the age of 36 and approaching the final chapters of his playing career with Inter Miami in Major League Soccer, the Argentine national team’s captain is branching out into the realm of showbiz.

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Lionel Messi Teases “Messi and the Giants” on Instagram

Additionally, sharing a teaser video of “Messi and the Giants” on his Instagram account, Messi labeled it as “a work in progress.” The series is set to be introduced at MIPCOM, the global entertainment content market, as noted by Fernando Cabral, the executive vice president of Business Development for the Latin America-Iberia sector of Sony Music Entertainment, the series’ producer.

Sony Music Entertainment also revealed that “Messi and the Giants” would be available in multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

Furthermore, in tandem with this project, Messi is to make an appearance in the upcoming ‘Messi Meets America’ documentary, which will be on Apple TV+ and centers around his transition to Miami. This documentary is to premiere this week.

The timing of Messi’s animated series is far from coincidental. Following Messi’s high-profile move to America, Apple is reaping the rewards of their investment in the football icon.

Notably, Apple recently announced that their partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS) has resulted in over a million new season pass subscriptions via Apple TV+. Moreover, this milestone showcases the return on Apple’s significant investment, which secured broadcast exclusivity rights for MLS matches over the next decade. This lucrative deal marked the conclusion of a nearly 30-year collaboration between the U.S. league and ESPN.

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