Mercedes reveals plans for larger British GP F1 upgrades

The significant improvement brought about by the substantial overhaul, which the German manufacturer debuted at the Monaco Grand Prix, has inspired them. Discover Mercedes plans for F1 upgrades.

Lewis Hamilton has finished on the podium in each of the previous two races thanks to modifications to the floor, sidepods, and front suspension. previous weekend in Canada, he engaged in a fierce battle with Fernando Alonso to finish third.

While the improvements are encouraging, Mercedes understands it needs to do more if it wants to compete with Red Bull. For this reason, it is prepared to unveil a package of innovations before the summer break.

Toto Wolff, team owner, stated that the British GP, which will take place the following month. There will be one of two events where the team hoped to provide new components.

“We’re bringing a larger one to Silverstone,” he declared. “So, before shutdown, we should have another one.”

Learning has advanced significantly since parts of the conceptual architecture were altered. That should result in reasonable advancements being made in the following four races.

Mercedes now has the development path it needed after upgrading in Monaco, according to Wolff, who also noted a significant increase in the team’s rate of gains.

He said, “I believe we are understanding the simulations better, and that aligns with what we are seeing on track.

Over the past 1.5 years, it has been a concern.

“In general, the stairs are currently getting larger. I believe we’re progressing well.

Mercedes encouraged by Red Bull margin

The fact that Max Verstappen’s margin of victory in Canada last weekend was narrower than it had been at other races. This season gave rise to optimism that the battle at the front would be tightening.

Wolff currently doubts the potential of his team, even though they believed that their car would not be well-suited for Montreal.

Because the car currently behaves better in high-speed corners, he said. “For us, we didn’t expect to perform here in Canada.”

 He said. 

“It’s encouraging to be not so far away. But one must not forget that Max is cruising in the front. I don’t think he’s completely cruising, but he is still having an easier time in the front. I think there is margin, so there’s quite a gap to catch up.” 

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