Mercedes Fundamental changes for 2024 F1

The recent upgrade package for the W14 has provided a boost for the German manufacturer, narrowing the gap to the leading teams. However, they recognize that they still need to make significant improvements to their next car, as certain aspects of their current challenger are far from ideal. Discover Mercedes Fundamental changes for 2024 F1 car will not be blocked by cost cap.

In Formula 1’s cost cap era, achieving such progress is challenging, as teams must carefully manage their development expenses within the strict financial boundaries. Nevertheless, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff revealed that they have conducted a comprehensive analysis of their finances. They are confident about meeting their goals for the W15 without exceeding their budget.

Wolff explained that they have established a dedicated financial department consisting of 46 individuals, responsible for meticulously monitoring every aspect of the cost cap. They closely track spending trends throughout the year and have allocated resources to various projects accordingly.

Hamilton urges characteristic tweaks

Despite the positive performance gains from the W14, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes’ star driver, has highlighted specific areas that still require attention. Following the Canadian Grand Prix, he pointed out issues with the car’s handling, particularly in lower-speed corners and regarding traction from various turns. Hamilton emphasized the need for increased rear downforce, improved efficiency, and characteristic adjustments to compete with the likes of Red Bull.

He recognized the need for significant changes in next year’s car, as the current model still lacks the ability to challenge Red Bull’s dominance. The team is dedicated to addressing these shortcomings and actively working to enhance the car’s performance.

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