Matthew Wolff hits back at Brooks Koepka criticism

Matthew Wolff has responded to the criticism he received from Brooks Koepka, describing it as “heartbreaking.” The tension between the two golfers, who are teammates representing Smash Golf Club on the LIV circuit, has been evident since an incident in Washington back in May. Wolff, currently ranked 25th in LIV’s individual standings, withdrew from the final round of that tournament.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated at the Centurion Club, Koepka expressed his disappointment in Wolff’s behavior, stating that quitting during a round and showing a lack of effort is not what competition is about. Koepka, who is the captain of Smash, criticized Wolff’s work ethic and described him as someone who breaks clubs, displays negative body language, and lacks commitment. Koepka went on to say that he has essentially given up on Wolff, despite acknowledging his talent.

Wolff said

“I read the SI interview with our captain Brooks Koepka and it was beyond disappointing to me. When I chose to join his team in 2023, I did so with much optimism about my new home as part of Team Smash and equally as important the chance to be around and learn from a player of Brook’s stature. While my 2023 season has not been all I had hoped for to this point, I have made positive strides in managing my life and feel like my game is turning for the positive.”

Wolff, a 24-year-old once considered a promising prospect in American golf, released a statement expressing his hurt over Koepka’s remarks. In the past, Wolff has been open about his struggles with mental health, including periods where he found it difficult to even get out of bed.

Due to LIV’s rules, Wolff is unable to switch teams mid-season, but it is inevitable that he will make a change at the end of the year. Despite the situation, Wolff mentioned that he trusts Koepka wants what is best for their team. However, he expressed his disbelief that Koepka’s recent comments in the Sports Illustrated interview align with that sentiment. Wolff concluded by stating that he will not comment further on the matter and will focus on helping the team win at the Centurion Club while appreciating the continued support and respect for his privacy.

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