Logan Paul was right all along: Mike Perry To Take Dillon Danis’ Place

Dillon Danis cannot deny that he brought these troubles upon himself. The legal consequences of engaging in derogatory remarks and damaging the reputation of Nina Agdal, the fiancée of YouTuber Logan Paul, are undeniably serious. Had he not chosen to target Logan Paul’s significant other, this impending conflict, scheduled for October 14, might still be on the horizon. Discver Logan Paul was right all along: Mike Perry To Take Dillon Danis’ Place.

However, Danis opted for online hostility, driven by a lingering resentment he holds against both Paul brothers, stemming from an incident involving one of them and his girlfriend a few years ago. It’s crucial to note that Nina Agdal had no involvement in this altercation, but Danis, seemingly viewing her as a means to hurt Logan Paul, targeted her. Ultimately, Danis’ tactics seem to have backfired, and he appears to have withdrawn from the fight.

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Logan Paul takes pride in Dillon Danis’ numerous legal disputes. The breaking point arrived when Logan Paul featured on Jake Paul’s podcast and took pleasure in discussing the multiple lawsuits filed against Danis. Both brothers reveled in the idea of leaving Danis financially devastated, potentially facing crippling debts that could render him homeless.

Mike Perry Steps In

After posting a series of threatening messages on Twitter, Dillon Danis reached his limit and stated, “Logan bragging about lawsuits again; he isn’t cut out for the fight game. This individual doesn’t deserve to face me, I’m withdrawing.” As Logan Paul had predicted, Danis will be unable to compete for an extended period, approaching five years. However, the fight scheduled for October 14 remains on the horizon, with a new opponent in the picture.

Introducing Mike Perry as Danis’ Replacement. On paper, Logan Paul should have more cause for concern with the replacement fighter stepping in for Dillon Danis. That fighter is none other than the highly decorated Bare Knuckle Boxing champion, Mike Perry. Mike Perry even attended the media day to have a face-to-face encounter with Logan Paul. Now that Danis has seemingly exited the scene, it is Mike Perry who will take his place. In fact, Perry expressed his readiness to embrace this challenge, as many had anticipated Danis’ withdrawal. There is widespread skepticism regarding Danis’ courage to step into either a ring or an MMA octagon. It’s important to note that while Danis excels in grappling, he is not renowned for his striking abilities.


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