Lewis Hamilton: Show why Mercedes F1 recovery won’t be quick

The mind-blowing’ vortices at work beneath Formula 1 vehicles. According to Lewis Hamilton, are the reason Mercedes F1 recovery will take some time.

Mercedes made changes to the floor, front suspension, and sidepods of its problematic W14 from the Monaco Grand Prix in an effort to turn around its season and catch up to Red Bull.

While the team feels that it has made some progress, George Russell and Hamilton are both aware that more work must be done before the team can ever consider contending for race victories based only on pace.

Hamilton acknowledged that there were no expectations for Mercedes to make the kind of advancements that rival McLaren has recently made before the Hungarian Grand Prix. Despite the fact that Mercedes has plans to make additional modifications.

He said.

“Anything’s possible, but I don’t think we have a plan of that sort of leap in place at the moment. The thing we can’t see is the airflow throughout the car.

It usually takes time to construct things, therefore there are things planned for a lot of races in the future.

James is fantastic. We get along great, genuinely do. He is never soft, to be honest; he understands when to be firm.

We just had a terrific meeting where we had George and I in the room with all the heads of departments. Making sure we were all on the same page.

We have complete faith in them, and there was excellent communication. I believe that if we work together, we can achieve our goals. It will simply take some time.

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