Lewis Hamilton Bows to Max Verstappen Dominance

Lewis Hamilton acknowledges the growing dominance of Max Verstappen in Formula 1, recognizing that Verstappen could surpass his record of 103 race victories if he continues his current winning streak. Hamilton’s most recent win dates back to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2021, while Verstappen, at only 25 years old, still has a promising career ahead of him. Hamilton believes that records are meant to be broken and acknowledges Verstappen’s talent and his strong team. Discover Lewis Hamilton Bows to Max Verstappen Dominance.

Hamilton said;

“He’s got a very long career ahead of him so absolutely.

“Ultimately records are there to be broken and he’s got an amazing team.”

However, Hamilton also highlights the challenges his own team has faced, with George Russell securing their most recent victory in November last year. Hamilton believes that comparing Verstappen’s achievements to those of other drivers is not fair, particularly when taking into account the increase in the number of races compared to the past. He believes that each driver’s career is unique and that the number of wins alone doesn’t define their success.

Hamilton says;

“It was very surreal.

Being five years old, watching with my dad, the dream was to be like Ayrton. And then the dream was to get to Formula 1 and do something like him.

To then find that you’re matching or equaling in terms of results – ultimately it’s unfair because there’s a lot more races in our time back than there were then. But still it’s a real honor.

“They gave me a replica helmet or something like that, so that was very cool. Max has been doing an amazing job, he’s had such an incredible career so far and he is for sure going to surpass that. I’m working on getting the car to where it needs to be so we can slow him down.”

Hamilton remains realistic about the challenges of the season and doesn’t consider it possible for him to maintain his current winning pace. While last year was already remarkable with 15 victories, his main focus is on winning the championship.

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