Law student enters NBA Draft through loophole

One step closer to proving he can handle himself in various courts is a Florida law student. Jordan Haber, 21, stumbled onto a hole that made him eligible for Thursday’s NBA Draught despite never having played basketball in middle school, high school, or college. Discover Law student enter NBA draft through loophole despite no hoops experience.

“I made a bet with my friends and I made it to the NBA Draft,” Haber said in a May 18 TikTok that went viral with more than 3.2 million views. I am now Jordan Haber, member of the 2023 NBA draft class, uh, soon to be undrafted class.”

New York’s Cardozo School of Law’s new student Haber claims that one day, out of boredom. He decided to read the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement.

He had to go to page 273 in order to find the requirements for draught eligibility.

The Boca Raton, Florida, native revealed on TikTok that he was qualified for the draught because of a number of factors, including having graduated from a US school. During the academic year in which the draught is planned and being older than 19.

Law student enter NBA draft

Jordan Haber, a lifelong Heat supporter, earned a business degree with minors in entrepreneurship. Also done communications from the University of Florida in December.

Haber told the Los Angeles Times, “You really have a three- to four-month window to really do this.”

And because of that window, less people will consider doing it. Since they believe it will be a waste of time since there is documentation to complete. It is what it truly is.

It’s what young children fantasise about, similar to the slim possibility of being drafted.

In the days leading up to the NBA Draught, Haber shared his adventures in New York City on TikTok. Where he has amassed over 96,000 followers.

Even though Haber does not think he will be chosen, he is looking forward to the ceremony and possibly touching hands with NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Haber told Forward.

“I think everyone has a dream to be a professional athlete when they’re younger, And I think it’s pretty cool that like the average person just kind of found their way and with no ill intent, kind of just having fun.”

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