Kylian Mbappe insane wage breakdown if he accepts Al Hilal contract

Al Hilal has, however, made a truly ridiculous offer for Kylian Mbappe, the wanted-away forward from PSG.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo decided to transfer to Al-Nassr, the Saudi Pro League has seen an inflow of well-known athletes.
Possibly this summer, one of the biggest names will travel to Saudi Arabia.

The eye-watering contract offer on the table for the Frenchman is broken down as follows:

  • €700m per year
  • €58.33m per month
  • €1.9m a day
  • €79,900 an hour
  • €1,332 a minute
  • €22 per second

In addition to the €300 million bid Al-Hilal made to PSG for the striker, this breakdown of costs is also included.

According to reports, the Saudi team only offered a one-year contract, allowing the Frenchman to sign with Real Madrid for free the following summer.

PSG’s frustration with Mbappe and the outcome is understandable. As his contract with the club expires at the conclusion of the following season, the club believes he has already reached a deal with Real Madrid for the following summer, in which case PSG would receive nothing for its star player.

The offer for Mbappe surpasses all others, despite the fact that Saudi clubs have already offered players enormous sums of money.

The offer is enormous, especially for just one year. Football officials will become increasingly concerned about the future of the sport if this move is made. It is not a player searching for one last opportunity at the conclusion of their career. Mbappe, who is only 24 years old, is one of the top players in the world. It will permanently alter the football landscape. That demonstrates how significant this transaction is, both in terms of its financial value and its wider effects.

Mbappe Could Become the Highest-Paid Athlete in the World

When players in their prime move to Saudi Arabia, it is a concerning sign. Although money has traditionally been a factor in football, this raises the stakes significantly.

Not even the largest teams will be negatively impacted by this. They will be adequately taken care of, according to the officials. Even more concerning is the ripple impact this will have on lower league clubs around the world.

To put the offer of Al Hilal for Kylian Mbappe into perspective, Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract breakdown is as follows:

  • $17.75m per month
  • $4.43m a week
  • $633,928 a day
  • $24,413 an hour
  • $406.88 per minute
  • $6.78 per second

Mbappe would overtake other players as the highest-paid athlete in the world.

The player’s side has not yet held any discussions. However, this deal might work for everyone because Mbappe is in desperate need of a transfer. The player is allowed to move, and PSG is paid handsomely.

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