Kyle Walker reveals the way Manchester City players are punished for poor timekeeping

Manchester City stands out in English football not only for their significant financial advantage, rivaled only by Newcastle United and Paris Saint-Germain but also for their exceptional discipline within the club. Despite possessing top-notch coaches, players, and facilities, Pep Guardiola maintains strict control over the team, preventing individuals from becoming bigger superstars than the team itself. Except for Erling Haaland and Kevin de Bruyne, Pep Guardiola regards players as Manchester City assets, rotating according to his preferences. Discover Kyle Walker reveals the way Manchester City players are subject to punish for poor timekeeping.

In cases where a player deviates from the rules at the Etihad Stadium, Kyle Walker disclosed the consequences. Interestingly, Manchester City doesn’t rely on traditional fines. Instead, if a player is ten minutes late for a team meeting, they must cover the cost of a team meal, with Ruben Dias and Rodri typically entrusted to collect the funds. For instance, Riyad Mahrez once had to cover the expense of an entire team meal for his lateness, even though there is no formal fine system in place.

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The players themselves appear to drive the unique system at Manchester City. While Pep Guardiola exerts significant influence over the team’s leadership group in the dressing room, Kyle Walker revealed that there is a five-man group responsible for maintaining order in the Manchester City squad. Interestingly, despite Walker’s own past disciplinary issues, particularly related to partying and COVID-19 protocol breaches, he remains a dependable presence in Guardiola’s eyes.

“The captains have been selected through a vote, and these five captains will lead the team for the season, ensuring that all checks and fines are settled,” Walker concluded. “The order of leadership isn’t critical, but it falls upon myself, Kevin, Rodri, Ruben, and Bernardo Silva.”

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