Kravitz explains when Red Bull dominance is set to end

Max Verstappen appears poised to cruise to yet another championship victory as the Red Bull team has been totally dominant in 2023, winning every race. Discover Red bull set to end Kravitz explains.

Ted Kravitz has predicted that Red Bull’s dominance of the sport will come to an end after this season, as the effects of their cost-cap penalties will be felt.

No other team has been able to consistently mount a challenge, making the current RB19 car the envy of the entire field. All of their success this year has occurred against the backdrop of a $7 million fee for exceeding the budget cap.

Therefore, they implemented it to allow the best teams in Formula One to catch up with everyone else.

According to Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz, it is likely that their hegemony will end after this season. Since they won’t be able to conduct as much aerodynamic testing.

He said, “It’s now obvious to me why the upper surfaces”, the side pods, and everything else of the RB19 seem more or less the same as the RB18. It’s because Adrian, Pierre Wache, and everyone else at Red Bull spent all their time during the winter on that floor.

He said;

“And if you’re thinking about ‘Hang on, what about cost cap aerodynamic testing restrictions, a penalty when is that going to come in? Well, Pierre Wache, the technical director, had an answer for me for that on Thursday, when he said the end of the season that cut in aerodynamic testing is going to have an effect, and crucially it’s going to have effect on next year’s RB20 as well. “It is going to bite Red Bull, just not yet and certainly not before they win this year’s World Championship, which they deserve to because they’ve got a great car and Max Verstappen is driving brilliantly etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

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