Jumbo-Visma ready to sue fan roadside who sparked Tour de France crash

The spectator responsible for causing a major crash during stage 15 of the Tour de France may face legal consequences and potential liability for damages to the Jumbo-Visma team. According to Reuters, the French gendarmerie has identified the fan who triggered the incident.

Sepp Kuss, a crucial support rider for Jumbo-Visma’s race leader Jonas Vingegaard. Suffered a severe crash along with teammate Nathan Van Hooydonck and other riders when a roadside fan leaned into the road. To apparently take a selfie as the peloton approached.

The spectator will not be arrested unless Kuss and Jumbo-Visma decide to press charges with the French police. As per French legal procedures. Despite the fall, all the affected riders managed to complete stage 15. But several of them received medical treatment during the stage.

This incident is not the first time a spectator has caused a crash during the Tour de France.

A woman stood on the road during the first stage in 2021 with a cardboard sign, and police detained and prosecuted her. This could lead to legal action against her.

Jumbo-Visma rider Tony Martin was unable to avoid her, resulting in a massive pile-up. The woman was fined €1,200 by a French court. Ordered to pay a symbolic €1 to the French Cycling Union, UNCP. The Tour de France organizers withdrew their lawsuit but called on spectators to respect the riders.

Regarding the recent crash, Sepp Kuss acknowledged the presence of a spectator leaning into the road. He described the incident as something that can happen in the Tour de France due to the large crowds. He explained that the peloton was slowing down in a town to allow a breakaway group to go ahead. When someone on the side tried to take a selfie. Kuss admitted that he didn’t see it coming.

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