Japanese Doubles Player Disqualified from Roland Garros after Accidental Ball Incident with Ball Girl

In an unfortunate turn of events at Roland Garros, Japanese doubles player Miyu Kato found herself disqualified from the tournament after accidentally hitting a ball girl during her third-round match. Kato, along with her doubles partner Aldila Sutjiadi of Indonesia, were unexpectedly ejected from the competition following an incident that quickly escalated.

The incident occurred early in the second set when Kato, positioned near the net, nonchalantly flicked a ball towards the ball girl positioned at the back of the court. It appeared to be an attempt to pass the ball to where their opponents would be serving in the next game. However, the ball girl, who already had a ball in each hand, was unable to react quickly enough and was struck on the back of the neck.

The crying ball girl immediately drew attention, and the tournament referee, Remy Azemar, was summoned to the court. Adding to the unfortunate turn of events, Kato’s opponents, Sara Sorribes Tormo and Marie Bouzkova, were seen sniggering in their chairs as the disqualification was announced. The reaction drew further attention and raised questions about sportsmanship and empathy on the court.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of player responsibility and awareness during matches. While unintended, the impact on the ball girl underscored the need for caution and mindfulness in a fast-paced and intense sport like tennis.

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