James Harden wants to tap into Lionel Messi impact on MLS

James Harden on MLS, the United States has been somewhat stirred up by Lionel Messi move to Inter Miami.

So much so that it might almost be argued without exaggeration that amateur American sports like baseball and American football have been partly eclipsed by soccer.

Whether it’s an exaggeration or not, the Argentine star is already garnering attention in the American press. Which regularly writes on the accomplishments he has already made on the pitch. The expectations he is raising in people, including NBA stars like James Harden.

The Sixers player acknowledged to USA Today Sports that Lionel Messi entry into MLS might have a ripple effect. Attracting the interest of other elite players.

This would be comparable to what has occurred in the Saudi League when Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al Nassr last season.

Additionally, the Philadelphia player in particular has a stake in the outcome because he owns a portion of Houston Dynamo FC.

Harden said.

“We will try to find someone to come to Houston. We all know how incredible Messi is. He is in Miami and this corresponds to the atmosphere he wants. We need someone like that to come to Houston and we will find him. MLS is growing with Messi,” he said. “It’s a big thing because in America we have never had recognition for footballers. We will see young players develop and it will be good for American soccer culture.”

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