Jake Paul gives Nate Diaz edge with major rule

He seems to have a lot of confidence in his ability against Nate Diaz. There is going to be a change in the rules in the fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz despite the event not being very far away now.

It has been determined that the fight in Texas will be a 10-rounder and will take place on August 5.

The UFC lightweight championship contender and the former YouTuber-turned-boxer will square off in Dallas, and Diaz requested a ten-round contest. Initially, there were plans for eight rounds, but Diaz’s supporters objected to this.

Paul has now tweeted to clarify that the fight will last 10 rounds, but he added that if it doesn’t end quickly, this will clearly give Diaz the advantage.

Observers have noticed in previous battles that Paul often faces difficulties as the fights progress into the latter rounds since he began taking boxing seriously. This raises the possibility that he has stamina problems.
Despite this, he will let the battle go the full 10 rounds because he believes he can defeat Diaz quickly. He may be aware that his stamina has much improved, therefore there are undoubtedly psychological tricks at work.

Paul has said ahead of the fight.

“I’m ready, it’s not going to go that long. I think he’s gonna be sharp for a couple of rounds but there’s nothing he can do to stop me,” 

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