NFL: Godfather of modern scouting Gil Brandt dies at 91

Gil Brandt dies at 91. The irony is that Gil Brandt wasn’t much of a football player himself. He was a 150-pound defensive back at his Milwaukee high school, but that’s where his playing days finished. As it were two a long time some time recently his formal instruction at the University of Wisconsin finished, as well.

But Brandt knew football — more particularly, what made great football players. How to assess them and how they may fit into a program. He knew all of that so well that he got to be not as it were one of the preeminent ability evaluators of his period. Whereas building the Dallas Cowboys team that won two Super Bowls within the 1970s. But too the back up parent of present day scouting and the utilize of information in faculty assessment.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick back in 2017, 

“Looking at Gil Brandt and the job that he did with the personnel, he certainly should be in the Hall of Fame based on his contributions to this game and contributions to the personnel and scouting side of it. He’d probably be the first guy I would put in there.”

Some time recently the 1977 draft, the Cowboys were having inside discourses. Almost which running back they needed to draft: Dorsett or Ricky Bell. One of Dallas’ scouts, Red Hickey, needed Bell. Others within the room needed Dorsett. The Cowboys utilized to create a book from all of the data they put into the computer. It was a veritable reference book of past players, their qualities and the level of the success they had within the NFL.

Brandt’s reputation as vice president of player staff in Dallas was that he knew everything. Almost everyone — tallness, weight, 40 times, lady friends, eating habits. It was information he proceeded to apportion in his post-Cowboys a long time as an examiner for and on his SiriusXM NFL Radio show.

Jerry Jones said 

“His dedication to, and passion for, this game left a lasting impact on generations of Hall of Fame players and coaches. There are very few people that have been able to have the kind of generational impact that he did.”

In 2022, Brandt apologized for comments he made within the wake of previous NFL quarterback Dwayne Haskins’ death, saying on Twitter that he “responded carelessly and heartlessly on a radio meet.”

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