Gervonta Davis points out who is the only boxer who can beat him, and his answer is shocking

Gervonta Davis, a rising star in the boxer world, has been drawing the attention of challengers eager to face him. After defeating Ryan Garcia in April, a fight acclaimed as the year’s most commercially significant, Davis has risen as one of the sport’s hottest commodities. The fight is estimated to have generated over 1 million pay-per-view purchases, firmly establishing his status as a box office attraction. Discover Gervonta Davis points out who is the only boxer who can beat him, and his answer is shocking.

However, Davis has recently been making headlines for his off-ring actions rather than his in-ring performances. He ended up serving time in jail for violating a house arrest order, and this isn’t the first time he has faced legal issues.

Nevertheless, Davis believes that his own behavior is the only thing that can threaten his superstardom. When asked about potential challengers like Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson, Davis expressed strong confidence, stating, “The only person who can defeat me is Gervonta Davis. Those others cannot compete with me at all.”

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Davis has sparred with both Haney and Stevenson previously and claims to have come out on top. He dismisses Haney as a threat, saying, “Devin Haney isn’t a 50/50 fight. How can he keep me at bay when he lacks punching power?” Davis even recalls a sparring session in Floyd Mayweather’s gym where he came close to knocking Haney out. These remarks highlight Davis’ self-assuredness and his belief in his own skills.

Gervonta Davis’s Move to 140 lbs and Upcoming Fight with Boxer Regis Prograis

While a potential matchup with Haney may be on hold as Davis moves up to the 140 lbs weight class to face Regis Prograis, he is currently focused on his return to the ring before the year’s end. A rematch with Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz is the leading candidate for his next fight. Determined, Davis aims to continue his winning streak and establish himself as one of the sport’s best.


Meanwhile, Stevenson has been struggling to secure an opponent but seems set to face Edwin De Los Santos for the vacant WBC lightweight belt. The boxing world eagerly anticipates these bouts, as Davis, Haney, and Stevenson all aim for championship glory.

Gervonta Davis maintains unwavering confidence in his abilities and remains dismissive of potential challengers. His recent legal troubles have not shaken his self-belief, and he is resolute in his quest for superstardom in the world of boxing.

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