George Russell crash on final Singapore lap to hand Hamilton podium

During the Singapore Grand Prix’s final lap, George Russell, who was poised to secure third place suffered a costly crash, gifting the podium spot to Lewis Hamilton. Although Russell escaped physical harm, his audible cry of frustration revealed the mental toll. Discover George Russell crash on final Singapore GP lap to hand Hamilton podium.

The accident occurred as George Russell attempted to pass Lando Norris, sending his car into the wall. This blunder left him deeply disappointed and aware that, mentally, the race had ended prematurely.

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In his own words, Russell said, “No words, to be honest. It was such a long, physically demanding race, and it’s tough to maintain focus, especially with Carlos Sainz controlling the pace and thwarting alternative strategies.”

Russell acknowledged that he was mere moments away from potentially winning the race had he overtaken Norris. However, a momentary lapse of concentration on the final lap shattered his hopes. He offered a heartfelt apology to his team for the costly error. Despite the setback, Russell expressed confidence in bouncing back from the disappointment.

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