Mercedes chief in Formula One 2026 Engine claim

Formula One 2026 Engine Mercedes Chief Technical Officer Mike Elliott believes there needs to be more analysis into the effects 

Mercedes Chief Technical Officer Mike Elliott says there will got to be more investigation of 2026 Formula 1 directions to induce the cars into a “great shape” for dashing.

The center on the modern controls has basically been on the motor equation, which makes a difference with F1’s supportability thrust with the utilize of manufactured fills and the evacuation of the expensive MGH-H component of the control unit.

But there has been a few concerns over whether this seem breed a “Frankenstein formula” which impacts the dashing.

Elliott says there is a lot of analysis that needs to be done.

“Obviously the power unit regulations are set, so we know what we’re getting with those. Trying to get the cars into a good shape for racing means that we also need to change the performance of the cars. We’re going to have to drop some drag on the straights and make the cars more [aero] efficient.”

At a least weight of 798kg, F1 cars are the heaviest they have been within the championship’s 70-year history.

The cars only as of late begun to extend the weight in 2017, when there was a want to make cars that might break lap records with more extensive tires and aggressive wings.

Elliott accepts this heading had a thump on effect. The cars by and large have got heavier. As you make them heavier, you would like more aerodynamic stack to go as rapidly through the corners, that puts more obligation on the tires.

He also believes

“It’s then harder – with that amount of duty – to get the grip you want out of the tyres. So we’ve gone in this direction of gradually making the cars heavier. For me, personally, I think that’s something we could hopefully go the other way.”

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