16 yr old son of Former WNBA player breaks Bobby Jones record

It’s regularly said that being said within the same sentence as Tiger Woods could be a tremendous achievement for any golfer. But you’ll say the same almost being specified within the same sentence as Former WNBA player son – Bobby Jones—especially since his records go back a parcel farther.

Such is the case for Blades Brown (What a title!), who prior this week got to be the most youthful medalist within the long history of the U.S. Amateur. The Tennessee native is 16, or two a long time younger than the legendary Jones was when he finished the deed way back in 1920. Brown likely hasn’t taken progressed math in school however, but you simply have to be know fundamental number juggling to figure out that he broke a stamp that had stood for 103 a long time. Beautiful darn noteworthy.

Brown was moreover co-medalist at his U.S. Amateur qualifier at Franklin Bridge Golf Club final month when he shot rounds of 65 and 62. So the youthful man may be a add up to stud. And in expansion to being favored with an unimaginable title, he was moreover born with a few incredible qualities.

That’s because Blades’ mother, Rhonda Blades Brown, could be a previous beginning point watch at Vanderbilt and WNBA player. In truth, she made the league’s first-ever three-pointer whereas playing for the New York Liberty in 1997. Conversation almost an noteworthy family! Here she was in activity back within the day.

So both Blades and Rhonda can claim a beautiful cool piece of history in their individual sports. Not that Blade is centering on that right presently. He’s got many more matches to win to gotten to be the most youthful U.S. Amateur champ and pick up another leg up on a few guys named Tiger and Bobby.

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