Former Ohio State guard Taylor Mikesell released from WNBA

Taylor Mikesell, a former Ohio State guard, understands firsthand the difficulties of remaining in the WNBA. Due to the league’s reduced number of teams and stricter roster regulations. Initially chosen as the 13th overall pick by the Indiana Fever in this year’s WNBA draft. Mikesell’s time with the team was short-lived as she was swiftly released. It appeared to be an uphill battle for her to secure another opportunity in the league.

However, Mikesell was given a second chance when she was acquired by the Atlanta Dream. Despite the challenges of maintaining a spot on a team in the constantly shifting landscape of the WNBA. There was hope for her to prove herself in Atlanta. Unfortunately, that hope was short-lived as well. On Monday, the Dream decided to release Mikesell from the team. Throughout her time with the Dream, she appeared in six games, averaging 2.8 points, 0.3 rebounds, and 0.3 assists in just under five minutes of playing time per game.

Now, Mikesell finds herself once again seeking another opportunity in the WNBA. Her exceptional shooting ability makes her a valuable player, but whether the right opportunity will come along remains uncertain. Mikesell’s journey highlights the challenges faced by players in a league with limited spots, emphasizing the importance of finding the perfect fit for her skills and contributions on the court.

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